How To Prepare Yourself For Your Next Virtual Interview


With the given COVID-19 crisis, work from home has become a prominent and only option available for everyone, from kids to yoga classes. Companies took time to evolve but have reached a substantial spot in the virtual world. HR departments have started the intake of people through virtual interviews. Many of them have appreciated this as it makes the job more effective.

They got applicants from many parts of the world, which wouldn’t be possible if it was a face to face interview. Virtual interviews have their advantages, from being able to attend it without even going out of the house to being cost-efficient for the company.

To make sure you ace virtual interviews, you need to learn a lot more about it and the etiquette you must follow to be professional enough for them. Here are five tips that can increase your virtual interview skills.

What Is A Virtual Interview?

Virtual interviews are actual interviews held by the human resources department of a company, but remotely. Instead of a face to face conversation, it involves either interviewing through call or video conferencing.

With social distancing becoming a part of our lives, virtual meetings have paved the way for a whole new world of possibilities. But this also requires applicants to learn a lot more and adjust to the limited amount of resources they are given.

Another innovative idea that can be used is to make a video resume of yourself talking about your experiences. Such a resume will make for a great first impression of you.

How To Prepare?

If you are searching for a job amidst this pandemic, it’s probably likely that you have already attended a bunch of virtual interviews. And even if you are new to this, you could be overwhelmed by this virtual world.

Like everything else in the world, with more learning and more practice, you can excel at this skill.

Dress Formally

In any kind of interview, any company will expect a level of professionalism from their applicants. The first impression they get while seeing you through their screen is what will boost or decrease your possibility of getting the job.

It’s always better to dress like how you would do for a face to face interview. Dressing formally will not only increase the professionalism you have but will also boost your confidence immensely.

Get Familiar With The Software

As virtual meetings have increased a lot in number, many video conferencing applications have gone viral. With many more options to choose from, you’ll never know which one they will be using.

If they are going to interview through a new software you’ve never heard of,  it’s a must to get used to it before you attend the interview. No one would want you to search for the unmute button right in the middle of an interview.

Make sure you have a decent bandwidth to avoid technical glitches. With the increased demand, resources like webcams became less expensive. If you are very serious about this job hunt, you can invest in an external webcam and mic.

Limit Distractions

For many, it’s a challenge because working from home is not something that doesn’t come without distractions. Virtual interviews usually come with a lot of distractions that basically will never occur during a face to face interview. But there are a few things you can do to get rid of these disturbances.

First, always keep your laptop stationary during an interview. Use a desk in your home or a table, never use your lap to rest your laptop.

Second, make sure the background wall has no distracting elements that might catch the eye of the recruiter. It’s not necessary, but toning it down will always give a clean and professional feel to the interviewer.

Third, if you are living in a shared space, tell your roommate in advance that you will be attending an interview so that they won’t cause any trouble during the interview.

Fourth, try to reduce the possibility of any noise that can creep in between and be a disturbance. Turn off the television and make sure no electronic components make any unnecessary sound. Close the windows if you live in a busy city. If you have kids, even though it’s not easy, be ready to tackle the problem.

Check Your Body Language

The recruiters can have a very brief analysis of your body language if you give them consent to record your screen for their reference later.  So, it is an essential aspect you have to improve for your virtual interview.

Unlike an actual interview, it’s not possible to give a firm handshake to show confidence. But, you can still follow through many other things to perfect your body language during a virtual interview.

Try to keep a straight posture, but don’t be sturdy as that might make you feel uncomfortable. Show gestures and throw a smile always. Keep your webcam at the eye level so that you don’t have to position your neck differently.

Practice talking to the camera. Studies have shown that maintaining eye contact is more essential than seeing the recruiter’s face. Using sticky notes around your laptop will make sure you don’t miss any point without shuffling through pages in your notes.

Try Not To Interrupt The Recruiter

It’s common in video conferences to have overlapping conversations. Unlike actual interviews where you know when is your time to talk, video calls don’t have direct cues to them.

Always take your time to listen to them first. And then, frame the answer in your mind and tell it to the recruiter. It makes it hard for them to interpret what you wanted to say if you are going to cut them in between and answer.


The key to ace a virtual interview is to have the same preparation and confidence as you would for a face to face interview. Always double-check about the environment, and make sure no disturbance will occur during the interview. All the best.


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