How to Mitigate Health and Safety Risks in Your Organization?


Risk is the possibility of something bad happening, like an accident for example. Every workplace and organization have safety and health risk, from offices to manufacturing facilities and construction sites. How to identify and control the risks that differ from the industry. Many safety and health risks are always had to identify, you may only discover them after an incident. As a result, it is up to your organization to come up with a way to mitigate risks and have a safety culture that manages risk before any harm is done.

Here is a look at some of the ways you can control risks in the workplace to protect your employees and company in general.

Strengthen safety culture through total employee involvement

Strong safety culture is a vital aspect of any safety-conscious organization. You can’t have a safe workplace by yourself, every employee has to participate. Studies show that organizations with a high level of employee engagement in workplace safety have fewer workplace accidents than those with lower employee involvement. When all employees take ownership of workplace safety, there is an increase in productivity. With the reduced security risks and incidences, employees become more focused and engage.

Implement a mobile-first risk identification and management process

One of the most effective ways to manage workplace risks is to make tasks easy for all employees to participate and engage in health and safety, that way everyone will participate. Giving employees the ability to hand safety incidence and other activities with the use of mobile SHE safety software systems encourages them to be more active and engaged in workplace safety. They can use their mobile phones to report incidences and share equipment inspections easily without going through a complicated process that requires paper documents. Employees can do this by taking photos or scanning equipment.

Leadership buy-in

The saying “leaders lead while others follow” becomes evident in mitigating risks in an organization. Safety performance is from top-down at a company meaning the leaders are the core of safety initiatives. The leaders establish a safety culture, develop the process, and ensure accountability of health and safety. Leaders have the potential to support or disregard your ideas and initiatives. Therefore, they need to be involved in making safety a priority to ensure every employee has a safe voice. This is essential in ensuring employee engagement and alignment of values.

Deal with risks and hazards quickly

It is essential to deal with all risks and safety issues the moment they are reported. Mostly some of the risks like slip and fall are preventable. Establish an effective protocol for employees to report and deal with hazards as soon as possible. This is another area where mobile safety software helps report risks.


Addressing health and safety risks in your organization can help avoid unnecessary injuries and help you save a lot of money and time. Incorporating an effective protocol using SHE safety software systems and mobile apps to help employees notify the relevant department about safety risks.


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