How to Make Money From Whatsapp In 2020


How to Make Money From Whatsapp:- Hello friends, in this tutorial, we are sharing another money-making idea. We are sharing here the best tips to make money from Whatsapp.

I think there will probably be someone who has an android OR iOS Smartphone and does not know about WhatsApp. Nowadays, everyone using WhatsApp. How will you feel when I tell you that you can earn money from WhatsApp too. If you do not know about WhatsApp, then I want to say that this is such a messaging app that you can chat with other people, and you can also share audio, video, photos.

How to Make Money From Whatsapp

how to make money from whatsapp

You might be thinking that WhatsApp will give you money to do some work. So, let me make it clear that WhatsApp never pays for any job. Yes, you can earn money using WhatsApp, there is no doubt in that. Like nowadays, everyone has Smartphone Mehsud that we use very less rightly, so I thought, why not tell you something so that you can earn some money for yourself by using WhatsApp correctly. So without delay, let’s know how to make money from mobile with the help of WhatsApp. Read AlsoBest Websites to Make Money Online

URL Shorten Service

URL Shorten Service is another easiest and popular medium to earn money from WhatsApp. There are numerous lists of paid URL Shortening Service Available on the Internet like etc. Let’s see how it works.

URL Shortening Service is a web-based service that allows users to shorten any links to various web portals using their website. For each click that the new shortening link will get, the user will be paid a certain amount of money for it, and in this way, you can make money. Now you may be thinking about how to get started any URL Shortening Service.

There are a lot of URL Shortening Service available on the internet that offers you to make money. Just choose any of the URL Shortening Site and register by filling the required information.

When the registration gets completed, find some exciting and viral-worthy content that will get your WhatsApp friend’s eyes on it like Funny image Link, trending news, viral videos, interesting facts, WhatsApp question-answer games, etc. After finding the stuff to share, copy the URL and shorten the URL using the URL shortening tools offered by the URL shortening service. After shortening the particular URL, you will get a new short Link of that URL.

Now copy and share this new link with your WhatsApp friends or any of your WhatsApp group. When any WhatsApp friend clicks on it you will get some money which is provided by the URL shortener website. Read AlsoBest Survey Websites to Make Money Online

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most potent concepts in the Online Industry to make money online by referring to online products. After blogs and websites, WhatsApp is one of the simple and great mediums to make money by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting a product or services of any brand or company and earn a percentage of commission on its sale. The Affiliate Marketing company provides you unique Affiliate URLs of their products and services which you have to promote.

To use any affiliate marketing program for making money online, you need to apply to any of the best affiliate marketing sites. Before starting this one thing, you should keep in mind choosing only those affiliate marketer or affiliate products who provide daily usage products like Fashion products, Smartphones, Laptops, and a lot of other regular usage products. It’s because many people use it in their everyday life and these have frequent sales also. You can Choose Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. as Affiliate sales.

Referral Program

This is another best and easiest method to make money from WhatsApp. Many of you are entirely familiar with it, and many of you used it too. Let’s see what it is?

Numerous Referral Program is running over the internet, every online store, app store, online recharge apps/shops, and PPI programs offering a referral program. Use these programs and share it with all your WhatsApp friends or WhatsApp group through your unique referral ID, and you will earn some coupons, money, mobile recharge, gifts, etc.

This money-making method is the same as Affiliate Program. You need to join any of these online stores, app download stores, PPI(pay per install) program who provide this Referral Program, create your unique referral ID in it, and share on WhatsApp or their instant messaging app make money and earn some gifts.

Paid Per Download Network (PPD)

PPD stands for Paid Per Download. The name itself describes what this program offers. The PPD is a program that allows the user to get paid when someone downloads the file you have uploaded to PPD sites. You can upload any files like PDF, AVI, MP3, MP4, Documents, Images, etc, and you will be paid some amount of money by PPD Site if anyone downloads your uploaded documents from it.


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