How to Insert Superscript in Google Docs


When you are working with a word processor, it can be a devastating and frustrating experience to work with the numbers. Nobody will disagree with that claim we make. One such major issue one would face with respect to the numbers on a word processor would include the superscripts.

Have you ever wondered how to insert superscript in Google Docs? If you have still not figured out the issue of superscript in Google Docs, the tips and ideas here should ideally be helpful enough for you.

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How to Superscript in Google Docs  – A few tips that may be helpful

A superscript (or even a subscript) is an essential element in writing a document. In essence, it can be quite useful when you are showing a citing through a footer note. It is also helpful in including a bibliography detail.

If you are into writing mathematical formulae and chemical equations, the superscripts and subscripts will be much essential.

To begin with, what is a superscript? Well, a superscript is a script superior to the other script – which means it sits above the line than the other script. The suffix you would use when you talk about the chronology or preferences as in the usages such as third, fifth, etc. It is also useful in indicating the symbols such as degrees, or in mathematics where you would use it for indicting square or cube of a number.

As an instance, instead of writing 1st, you would prefer writing 1st or 3rd.

We thought we would help you use the superscript option on Google Docs.

Follow the steps here below –

  • Launch your Google Docs document.
  • From the menu options, choose Insert Menu.
  • Choose the option Special superscript in google docs
  • In the next step, click on the drop-down and choose superscript.superscript google docs
  • You should find the predefined superscript options currently available with Google Docs. Please choose the one that you want to use and click on it.

That does it. Your superscript will be inserted int the document.

Look at the example here.

superscript on google docs

How to insert a custom character as a Superscript?

What if you want to insert a custom character as a superscript on Google Docs? You may be looking to insert a character or even a word or a symbol as a superscript in Google Docs. You would not find these characters in Google Docs Superscript Character list. So, what is the superscript Google Docs option?

Google Docs lets you do it. You can easily insert the custom superscript character into your Google Docs document. Here is how you would be able to do it –

  • Launch Google Docs.
  • Enter the letter or any other character you want to insert as superscript.
  • Press CTRL and . (full stop) simultaneously.
  • The character or the group of characters you selected will be added as the superscript.

how to insert superscript in google docs

You can also use a similar option to insert superscript on Google Docs if you are using Mac OS. The keyboard shortcut, however, will be different in this case. The keyboard shortcut you would need to use in the case of Mac OS is CMD+ full stop.

Once the superscript is added, please toggle off the superscript functionality. Otherwise, the further characters you type to continue in the superscript menu. To do that, you should use the same keyboard shortcuts to toggle it off.

How to superscript in Google Docs using Format Menu?

You can also opt for another method to add superscript in Google Docs. This involves using the Format menu and then changing the character into superscript.

Here are the steps –

  • Launch Google Docs
  • Type in whatever you would want to in the document.
  • Select the text that you want to insert as the superscript.
  • Click on Format
  • Next, choose Text and then Superscript.

how to superscript in google docs

The text you selected will be inserted as a superscript.

These three methods should ideally be the best when you are looking to insert superscript in Google Docs.  This can be much helpful enough in composing the mathematical formulae or other similar scientific calculations rather quickly enough.

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The methods that involve inserting a subscript would be the same as the superscript Google Docs insertions. You just need to choose the option subscript in place of superscript to get the things done.

How to insert Subscript In Google Docs?

A subscript is a similar formatting option as superscript. You can follow the same methods for the subscript as those opted for in how to insert superscript in Google Docs.

The only difference between a superscript we discussed above and subscript is a subscript appears below the line than a text. An instance can be H2SO4 or H2O. The subscript finds common usage in chemical formulae.

The first method in inserting a subscript in Google Docs would be to use the Insert menu and then choose subscript.

The second option would involve using the Format menu and then selecting Subscript option under Text. You will need to select the entire text that you want to appear as a subscript. This method can be useful in inserting the custom subscripts in your document when they are NOT available under the built-in special character menu.

how to superscript in google docs

The third method to insert the subscript would involve using keyboard shortcuts.

You need to select the text you want to appear as subscript and then use the keyboard shortcuts to insert the subscript. The keyboard shortcuts would be dependent on the operating system you are on.

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If you are on Windows, use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+, (comma), and in case you are using macOS, you can use CMD+,. Do note that you need to turn off the toggle once your character is added as a subscript. You should press the same keyboard shortcuts to get out of the toggle.

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In Conclusion

The superscript and subscript characters play a major role in formatting your text. These formats would be one of the excellent options for mathematical formulae or chemical formulae. It can be one of the unique options you would go with if you are using a lot of citing in your articles and resources.

Google Docs provides you a few simplified options to insert the superscript and subscript. The tips and tutorials we provided here should ideally help you in achieving the best results.

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