How To Improve Sound Quality And Boost Volume On Android Device


How To Improve Sound Quality And Boost Volume On Android Device:- Have you ever noticed that the sound quality of a smartphone degrades as it ages? I had switched from Samsung to Sony, and finally to Huawei lately. This problem seems to be consistent with every device. There may be some external factors to suffice why your phones fall short on delivering optimum sound despite setting it to max volume. The good thing is, you can resolve the issue with different methods. Let’s discuss further in How to improve sound quality and boost volume on android device.

As I said, there are counts of ways to enhance your phone’s sound quality, or I should say, to maintain the sound quality to the optimum level. You can do this either by using a headphone volume booster app or using a set of the best quality headphones (this is going to cost you for sure).

Here we’ll look into many different ways to fix the problem to improve sound quality and boost volume on android device. But first, let’s find out the reasons as to why your device’s sound isn’t working as expected.

Reasons why your phone’s sound quality deteriorates:

  • Apps takes down volume controls.
  • Speaker clogged with fine grime.
  • Device casing hindering speaker’s sound
  • Audio Profile set to low volume

How to improve sound quality on android device

Try these given options to improve sound quality on android phone. You need to go through all the listed options given here going all the way from physical to functional methods. Ensure device’s safety first as you’ll require some handy stuff as well.

  1. Clean you Speaker

Brush off the dust using a small and soft-bristled brush. Let’s face it here; even an expensive smartphone won’t be able to avoid fine dust and flakes from clogging onto its speakers. Lint and micro-particles are all sorts of unwanted stuff that clogs into the Mic as well as speakers. You can get rid of the grime using a toothbrush easily. Try not to be too hard on the soft speaker membrane.

  1. Check the Device Audio Settings

Check the hardware and use Volume up and down keys making sure the display bar reaches the maximum level of Volume. Given that audio settings vary from brand to brand, should you jump into your phone settings? You can optimize your Android audio experience through the settings if you have a built-in UI feature support. Not all the devices come with it, so I would have to say that works for a limited number of phones. If your phone has it, jog down these steps to improve sound quality and boost the volume of your android phone.

  • Plug in your earphones or any audio device you have.
  • Open device settings and tap on Sounds and vibration.
  • Tap Sound quality and effects. You should see a set of multiple options to enhance your audio experience.

Currently, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia, HTC phones have MIUI features. If your smartphone doesn’t have MIUI, try the other way around.

Open device settings and jump into the Sounds segment. Look for Media, Ringtone, Alarms, and calls volume controls and adjust the sound level according to you.

  1. Kill Irrelevant Apps

Every app access your device media storage, some may be using your device’s sound a bit too further. Some apps (android games) take audio control of your smartphone. Make sure to get rid of such apps in time. You can check several task killer apps on the play store to monitor and prevent apps from accessing your phone’s audio controls.

  1. Download Better quality media

If you are more into listening to mp3 files on your phone, do download better quality music from the internet. Generally, a 256-bit rate audio file delivers a better sound that 128 or 192 bitrate media. A higher bitrate file does take up a little more space, but that’s acceptable when it’s a matter of sound quality.

  1. Download a New Media App

If you are sure that experiencing music on your phone isn’t as good as expected, try a new media player like MX Player or VLC Media player for android. You have a stock of such media players on the Play Store that come with a decoder. These decoders are capable of maximizing the volume in your media files. You can also customize the music volume via built-in equalizer in these media players.

  1. Download an Equalizer App

Your phone may not have an equalizer that, I think is as an essential element while you put your favorite playlist to play. Many music players have a basic equalizer control that merely works to improve sound quality and boost volume on android phones. It’s time to install an equalizer app that fits in well plug in your earphones, and adjust the treble and bass booster settings.

  1. Use original earphones

If you think installing another app is not a good idea to improve sound quality and boost volume on android device, you can use headphones. Also, most smartphones speakers are not good enough to get you better sound quality. You probably won’t be able to overcome this shortcoming even with an app. Most apps are laden with pop up ads and in-app purchases. It would be best if you headed to choose a decent pair of headphones because, with earphones plugged in, your phone may also enable some audio settings.

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Final thoughts

Every smartphone differs in terms of volume and sound controls. My take would be a media player app as it comes as a universal solution. Best quality earphones come next to the dance. What’s your choice on how to improve sound quality and boost volume on android device? Do let me know.


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