How To Hack Android Games Using Game Hackers


Hack Android Games: In general, you shouldn’t, somehow you tend to seek an upper hand within your friends who play the common game where you’re so bad and yet want to play like them. Or you generally are unable to play any level in a game or win at all. You can consider these game hacks to perform and give additional variables to your game so that you can enjoy the game much better.

Which Games You Can Hack Android Games With Game Hackers?

Usually, those games which load the game information to their servers or those games which need active internet connection you cannot hack such games and if you tend to find ways to do so would be considered as a crime under the game development policies. Rather than that you can hack the games which can be played in offline which often or fully independent of any internet connection.

Hack Limitations:

  • 90% of the game hackers, in general, need a rooted environment in an android device. For such apps to work, it is mandatory to root your device primarily installing those game hack apps.
  • There are exceptions, certainly few apps are programmed in a way to hack offline games even if the device isn’t rooted.

Top Five Best Tools To Hack Any Android Game

For rooted and unrooted devices these cheat apps are enough to crack any game (up to the date).

  • Hack App Data Pro
  • Game CiH
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Game Guardian
  • SB Game Hacker

1. Hack App Data Pro

Hack App Data Pro works for rooted as well as for non-rooted devices pretty much every device which is above android version 4.4. After installing the game of your choice, you have to play for a minute or so to get some points or coins which you’re willing to cheat with this app.

Open this app, click on User apps, Scroll down and select the game you’re about to cheat with, follow the system guidelines and make the app hackable. This process takes a few minutes as per the app size, click on remove to uninstall the original app, upon the uninstallation you have to install it again which now consists of hackable settings. You’re here modding the original app data, and thus the apps which are modded with such hacker apps or games called as modded apps or modded games.

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After a successful level up or gameplay, you can quit the game and open the Hack App Data Pro now to perform the modding (changing the variables). Click on the preference tab which can be seen right away when you click on the hackable game from the user apps list.  You have to search the game related “prefs” file which stores the game data. Find it, open and this time you have to search for the in-game coins/money/gems as a variable presented in the list.  Click on the integer/number and from there input the amount/value and then quickly save and close. You’re good to go now, just open the game now, and you can see the hacked values reflecting rightly in the game, you have successfully hacked the game with Hack Data Pro.

Main Features:

  1. Lightweight app.
  2. Mods the app or game data in general.
  3. Works easily on both rooted and non-rooted modes.

Download – XDA

Tutorial – Youtube

2. GameCiH

GameCiH have become standard game modder app which has been used by many users out there pretty much. Probably with GameCiH you don’t need any other modding app for sure. It covers pretty much every value or variable to edit in-game very fashionably.

GameCih basically analyses the app values as 1 byte, 2 byte, and 4-byte compositions and then provides options to the user to search and edit value as the game running. Isn’t it seems to be a real-time game hack/modding app which everyone finds exceptional and interesting to use.

Install the GameCiH apk file, provide root access to the application so that it can enable hidden mode. Set a hotkey to any of the tactile buttons of your device, preferably volume rockers or static navigation keys. Now open any offline game, and start playing it for a quick time period. After reminding an in-game value like money or gems or coins, press the GameCih hotkey to see and select the search option. Input the variable value and quickly search for it, make sure you get results under 10  from the search filter or even lesser than that if possible.

Next, try out changing those values one by one and see after editing a certain string value the ingame value changes. Done! You have successfully changed the scoring, money, gems or coins etc values within a minute.

Note: For apps which consist of lives, there is a variable lock option in GameCih, if you lock those lives related values, those numbers stay the same even after you lose in-game, which serves the purpose of locking that variable.

Main Features:

  1. Easy deployable.
  2. Consists Hotkeys to start the hovering app.
  3. Can edit the values while you’re playing the game.

Download – GameCih (The official site and forum got down) here is an alternative

Tutorial – XDA, Youtube

3. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is the well-known app than all these mod apps for a few years, it has a saga to talk about, starting its journey from the Android 4.4 release or even earlier. Unlike other app developers, the lucky patcher developer had stood strong and his official website is still running.

Lucky patcher uses a different method if compared to other value or data modding apps. The very next moment you download this app, it starts installing patch packages. Lucky Patcher has a repository of app custom patches. Those app patches vary from app to app and feature to feature, because those repo’s are custom made by developers contribution from all over the world.

Upon installing, scroll and select the game which you need to tweak, you can get few options to choose, these options are different for different games. Select the Open Menu of patches. Wait for a while, let the app mod the apk file and add patch pattern levels. After the patch gets installed, you have to choose Go to file option so that you can again select Uninstall and Reinstall option to make sure your old app gets uninstalled and reinstalled with the patch working.

You can now enjoy free in-app purchases, this method is different to those game variable modders.

Main Features:

  1. Reserve of Patches of almost all offline and few online games.
  2. Few patches do work on non-rooted devices easily.
  3. Every app and game get different set of patches with success rates mentioned.
  4. App permissions can be changed such as app signatures.
  5. Game or apps advertisements can be removed.
  6. Can handle in-app purchases in a lot of games.
  7. Patch and rebuild the app to make it work in an android emulator easily.

Download – NetBew (Official).

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4. Game Guardian

Game Guardian app is almost as similar as GameCih, there are few reports in game forums from the users stating some of them found Game Guardian as a perfect replacement for few app mods where GameCih have tend to fail pto patch the game and vice versa. Due to its success rate, game guardian have a huge popularity under android game modding apps.

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After installing the initial apk file, another application gets installed which is the actual game hack file. You have to start the Game Guardian service by opening the app and click on the START button, then the app minimises into an hovering icon. All you need to open an offline game and go for some initial gameplay so that it would be easy to remember and search/filter variables easily.

Click on that dodgy GG hovering button to view the options, click on search button and input a value such as coins or gems etc, and search for it. If the results are unders 5 or 10 it would be easy for you to tweak. Just hold on to any value and edit and add the custom number and save. Continue this process until you see a change in the game value. Done! You have successfully edited in-game data.

Main Features:

  1. This app works while the game is running.
  2. Search, filter and change the values its that easy.
  3. Has a easy deployable hovering button which has a menu of game hack settings.
  4. Not that precise, for all apps or games.

Download – Rooted, Non-Rooted.

5. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker has been a good choice of replacement to Game Killer or GameCih, it has few key features which distinguishes itself from other hacker apps. SB Game Hacker requires root privileges to work properly, one can grant superuser privileges with a rooted mobile easily.

Once you install the app, you get a toolbar icon which represents the SB Game Hacker and consists few key features to tweak an app or install new apps directly from play store or markets. Click on search menu and select the search type you require such as Deep search, multiple search, unoin search, fuzzy search to find the variable/values of ingame data. Top right side corner you get a face button, click that to see all of your installed games or to download new games.

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To mod, a game click on modify, the app takes a couple of minutes to mod the app and instal patches. It will install the patch available which is good enough to maximise the variables or values of a game successfully. You can try the manual work if you want to, just open the game and click the toolbar icon to start searching or input the values to initiate the deep search. Once you get the values, just click on modify and see which value modification is working. You’re good to go with the mod you have just done. If you’re not satisfied with the mod or hack, you can open the SB Game Hacker and go to your games list and click on restore option to restore the initial package data.

Main Features:

  1. One key game modification feature.
  2. Change ingame variables easily.
  3. No need of any virtual app assistance such as parallel space.
  4. Modded apps and the process itself works without any issues in Emulators.
  5. Anti-game memory encrypted search.

Download – (Unofficial Site).

This is all About Game Hackers Android apps. You can Install these apk files right now on your device & start modding the games. Stay tuned for all the latest Tech News and Updates, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook.