How to get the salary you deserve?


You’ve passed all that tiring interviews with potential employers and received a job offer. Brilliant! Congratulations! There is a final phase before you can start your new page on a new job. You have to discuss your salary with the employer. It is a very delicate theme and needs some preparation. We are ready to provide you with some tips so that you get the salary you’ve been dreaming of. So, here are the steps to follow when it’s time to negotiate your pay.

Learn the Market Value of Your Position

Before negotiating on your salary with the future employer, check the average value of your position on the market. Some companies publish annual wages for specific positions so you can understand the rates.

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Take into consideration your education, experience, skill set and determine your worth. Think of a range of your wages. It mustn’t be a fixed sum. If the number is too high, you automatically eliminate some offers which could be interesting for you. If it is too low, you might feel underpaid and underestimated. Make your salary negotiable so you can discuss it with your employer and make a win-win agreement.

Use Non-Verbal Language

It is a widely recognized fact that body language, facial expression, gestures play a crucial role in communication. Therefore, if you want to push your salary up, you must look calm and confident, but not arrogant.

  • Come into the office without rush, calmly, with a sense of self-dignity.
  • Smile and remain positive, but don’t be too excited.
  • When sitting at the table, don’t cross your fingers, arms, and legs. Keep your arms on the table; it means you are open to communication.
  • If you are not satisfied with the pay offer, don’t hurry with the answer. Keep silent, put your eyes down; this way you’ll show your dissatisfaction without saying a word and force your opponent to make further suggestions.
  • Don’t be too talkative; it means that you are nervous.
  • Control your face expression – you mustn’t look scared.

Practice negotiating in front of a mirror or with your family members and friends at home. These simple steps will definitely help you.

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Be Clear and Honest

Some experts say you shouldn’t mention your number first; you better wait until the employer makes an offer. On the contrary, the others recommend claiming your salary range right away. It’s up to you to decide. You have to determine your worth beforehand and be transparent to your employer. Don’t start discussing your wage until you realize the employer is really interested in your candidacy. You should always keep in mind plan B, tell your employer frankly that you have another option if you don’t come to an agreement, but do it politely! Don’t remove your resume from job sites like, just in case something goes wrong. You can always count on this site as it provides thousands of job options for you.

In any case, you mustn’t mislead about your previous salary and achievements. It’s easy to reveal a lie. And it’s a bad idea to start working on that ground.

Demonstrate Your Value for the Company

When you are suggested a particular number, make a counteroffer, name desirable range and prove why you are worth it. Emphasize your proficiency. Explain how you could benefit the company. Mention how you would save money for the company doing your job. Remember, it’s the only chance to convince your employer you deserve a higher salary, so prepare your reasons in advance. Of course, there will be reviews of your pay during your work time, but it’s always better to start from a decent point.

The Flexibility of Working Conditions

Let’s imagine that you‘ve fallen in love with the position and the company, but they can’t afford to offer a high salary. Discuss flexible working conditions for you. For example, you can work fewer hours or do the job at home, you can ask for a longer vacation or extra days off, etc. They might suggest room for growth, some bonuses or rises in the future. It is always possible to reach an agreement if both the employer and the candidate are interested in collaboration.

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Negotiations are always nerve-wracking, but if you are well-prepared, you will surely get the salary you deserve!