How to Fix ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE in Chrome:- It would be hard to keep yourself away from those error messages in chrome for you, I must say. The one that says, “This Site Can’t Ban be Reached”, then follows the Code “ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE”.Well, honestly, most of you may not have given it a thought why it occurred, but surely must have looked for some options on How to Fix ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE in Chrome.

It is obvious when this error specifies SSL in error code, and that is due to a reason that this particular website you are trying to visit is SSL Certificate enabled. Now, a basic refresh is not going to be enough to sort it out. Nor I would say it’s some herculean,IT Guy job. You can Fix ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE in Chrome using these simple methods. Let’s dive into following sections to explore further.


Probable Causes of ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE in Chrome

  • Incorrect Time/Date set on your computer.
  • Antivirus/Firewall Intervention.
  • Clogged up Browsing History /Cookies.
  • Browsing Data or Cookies messing up.
  • Hardware Accelerator in Chrome.
  • Outdated or Version of Chrome.

It’s recommended to not just dabble with these methods or settings so, let’s have a look at the correctional measures one by one.

Disabling TLS 1.3

To Disable TLS 1.3 can save you a lot of efforts and time in case of recurring ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE error. To do so, follow notable steps listed below.

  • Launch Chrome and open a new tab and type chrome://flags/in address bar and press Enter.
  • Now, in flag search box, TLS and set it to Disable from Default in the drop down menu.
  • You’ll be prompted to relaunch application and restart the browser.
  • Do the same and visit the site to see if this error is gone.

Fixing System date and Time

Often a solution lies within our easiest of reach, and this is one of them,if your system time and date are not updated to current, better fix it now. Setting System Date and Time to Current Local time zone is the easiest ways How to Fix ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE in Chrome.

    • Now go to system, taskbar and set time and date settings manually.
    • Make sure to set time and date update option to automatically.
    • Click on Date and Time Panel displayed at the bottom right of desktop screen.
    • Change date and Time option now.
    • Press OK
    • Restart Chrome Browser


Disable Antivirus/Firewall Application

Try disabling Antivirus program that runs in the background or windows firewalls. In most scenarios, websites are restricted due to active antivirus/antimalware program or the firewalls. Steps are similar.

  • Launch the Antivirus program and stop it from menu/options.

Clear Browsing Data/History

Sometimes even I forget to clear junk stored in my browser history. It can turn things into a mess if history data keeps piling up, hence making it more difficult for some sites to open.

  • Step is simple and easy that would definitely save your time a well. Just press Ctrl+H to go to search history page and select from beginning of time to press clear browsing data button.
  • Doing this will clear all the history and cookies stored previously.

Update Chrome

Check to see if your browser is older, just follow steps detailed here and restart the browser.

  • Click three vertical dots and go to Help option in the menu.
  • Head to About Chrome and check for updated version.
  • If available, update it.

Reset Chrome to Default

Resetting Chrome to change its status as if it were installed for the first time could work for you as well. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Chrome Settings and scroll down to last options.
  • Here we have the reset and clean up settings.
  • Click on Restore Settings to their Original Defaults.
  • Press Reset Settings when a Dialog Box Appears.
  • Restart Chrome now.

If the above method seems not to work, try the next one.

Turn off Hardware Acceleration

The acceleration settings are turned on by default for faster processing and search results. Surprisingly, this with this feature disabled, many users were able to access their websites without any ERR_SSl_VERSION_INTERFERENCE Error Message. Follow the same steps to reach the settings and scroll again down till end of the page.

  • In system panel spot the option for Use Hardware acceleration when available.
  • By default, it would be on, just click it to turn it off and relaunch your browser.
  • Restart your System and launch Chrome now.


These are some must do things at your end to make sure the error never come your way again. Now, if your problem still persists, then there must be some installation must be done at your end. Uninstall Chrome and delete temporary files from your system. Then Reinstall its latest version.


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