How to fix 0x80070002 on Your Windows installation


How to fix 0x80070002 on Your Windows installation: 0x80070002 is one of the most common errors that almost every computer user faces. The exact reason for the error to appear may not be easily understandable by normal users. In many cases, it can show up along with other error codes. If you do not possess enough technical expertise, you may feel lost out. This article aims at explaining the options you can use to fix the 0x80070002 error.

What is error code 0x80070002?

Well, there isn’t a specific explanation to the error code 0x80070002. However, the most common case where this error code comes into the view is the issues with a few files in Windows update.

How to fix 0x80070002
The Windows update is actually downloaded, but it misses some of the files. When the system attempts to access those files and cannot find the files, it throws the obvious error – The System cannot find the file specified. Having said that, we may also need to add that the error code 0x80070002 is not only associated with Windows update alone. The fixes will be dependent upon the exact reason for the error.

Causes for the occurrence of error code 0x80070002

As we said above, the error code 0x80070002 can be caused as a result of several issues. We would go through the possible reasons one by one.

  • The error associated with Windows Update – This is one of the possible reasons for the 0x80070002 error. Windows update may fail to update some of the files. The exact error message may differ from system to system depending upon your version of Windows.
  • Microsoft Security Client Error – The downloaded Windows update may have issues. These are likely to clash with Microsoft Security Client. This clash can cause the 0x80070002 error.
  • Errors on the disk – Your hard disk may have errors on it. The file on an erroneous disk is likely to give out a 0x80070002 error.
  • Dual boot configuration – Your computer may have dual boot configuration. In such a case, you may encounter a 0x80070002 error.

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How to fix 0x80070002 error?

The ways you can choose to fix the error code 0x80070002 depend upon the causes that have generated the error. Let us go through the steps involved in the following paragraphs.

Method 1 – Sort out the Disk Errors

Here we go with the steps you need to follow –

  • Launch the Command Prompt. How you do it will be dependent upon your version of Windows. Do not forget to run the command prompt as an administrator.
  • In the command prompt window, type in Chkdsk/r and press ENTER.
  • The system will check the disk for errors and fix them.
  • Wait for the operation to complete. Your computer will reboot itself after the successful completion of the operation.

The CHKDSK command should sort out the problem if the error has anything to do with the errors on the source disk.

Method 2 – Enable AUTOMOUNT

The drive or the volume may encounter disabled AUTOMOUNT. This can happen when a third party storage tool is used, or it may also happen when you have unintentionally disabled the AUTOMOUNT. You may follow the steps below to sort out the issue –

  • Launch Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Type in DISKPART and press ENTER.
  • Type in and ENTER the following commands one by one – automount and automount enable
  • Reboot your computer and the issue should now be gone.

If your issue is still not solved, you can follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Type in DISKPART yet again in the Command Prompt.
  • Type in List Volume and press ENTER.
  • From the list of volumes, choose the volume that has 100 MB data or lower. If such options are not available, choose the system drive.
  • Now Type in Online Volume and press ENTER.
  • Now type in Exit and then ENTER.
  • Reboot your computer

Method 3 – Dual Boot Configuration

If your computer has dual boot configuration enabled, it may clash with your source files. That can be a cause for the occurrence of a 0x80070002 error. You may check the steps below to fix the issue if it is related to Dual Boot Configuration.

  • Launch Run application. You can either type in Run in the search box or Press Windows and R buttons simultaneously.
  • Type in diskmgmt.msc in Run box. This will launch Disk Management.
  • Right-click on the System Partition and then select Mark Partition As Active.
  • Now restart your computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 4 – Windows Update errors

Windows Update can have developed issues and that can be one of the reasons that can cause the 0x80070002. As we indicated above, Windows Update might have been downloaded, yet some files may be missing. Follow the steps here below to sort out the issue –

    • Check Date and Time Settings on your computer. Some of you may feel we are making fun, but that is exactly what can happen.
    • You can also update the files in the SoftwareDistribution folder.

To do this,

    • Launch My Computer and open C Drive.
    • Open SoftwareDistribution folder, locate DataStore folder inside it and open it.
    • Remove all the contents in DataStore folder.
    • Come back to the SoftwareDistribution folder and delete it.

Now you can launch Windows Update application and check for new updates.

In Conclusion

Well, those were some of the options you can use to get rid of the 0x80070002 error. Your issues should get resolved by following these methods effectively. These numeric errors can have several reasons for their occurrence and as such, it may not be possible to point out the exact fixes that much easier. However, we do assume that the fixes that we have featured above should be able to sort out the issues to most of the extent. If nothing works, we would suggest you run the System Restore option so that your computer can be restored to an earlier date.

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Have any of our readers faced the 0x80070002 error on their devices? If yes, which of the above methods came to your rescue? We would be glad to get feedback from you on any alternative method you would recommend to fix 0x80070002 error on Windows.

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Please note that the fixes indicated above work equally with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.


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