How To Find Hidden Apps On IPhone [Step by Step Guide]


How To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone: Finding a hidden app on the iPhone can be an essential part of grooming your kids for a better future. Kids tend to hide a few things from their parents. We present you few simple ways you can conclude if your children are using any hidden apps on their iPhone.

How To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone

Why do people hide apps on their iPhone?

Well, there can be several reasons for that. The most important aspect is you want to be the sole owner of your device. You do not like someone peeking into what you have installed on your iPhone.

To hide your favorite apps and other content installed on your iPhone, you may be using third-party apps.

Some other reasons why someone hides stuff on their iPhone could be

  • Maybe your kids or any member of your family  is using inappropriate content on their iPhone. The teenage is a perfect spot for the kind of stuff that you really do not want your kids to be interested in.
  • Today’s kids spend a lot of time in mobile gaming. They can hide some of the games they have installed on their device. Some of these games can be violent in nature or may have sexual undertones.
  • There could be some apps that are used for texting and some lewd streaming.

The iPhone lets you hide the content on their device by several means. You can use password protection for the apps or any other content. How can you unhide the hidden content on your iPhone? Here are the simple ways you can find hidden apps on an iPhone.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone?

To begin with, iPhones do not allow you to hide apps as you would do on an Android. It is the most secure mobile operating system and has no way you can install any rogue apps on it.

However, a few glitches in the iOS 7 .1 has made it possible to hide apps on an iPhone. Maybe you can reverse the process and get to find the hidden files and apps quickly.

There are some ways you can find a hidden app on your iPhone

  • Have a close look  The best way to find the hidden apps would be to look carefully at every folder and file. Check every nook and corner on your target iPhone. Launch every app to find it really does what it claims to do. The folders too can be secretly named. There can be password protection involved, and it can be a clear sign of something being hidden.

Look at what is purchased

  • Log in to your Apple App Store to find out what has been installed for your Apple ID. To do this,
  • Scroll to the bottom to find the Featured Apps.
  • Tap on your Apple ID.
  • Now tap on View Apple ID.
  • Now tap on Hidden Purchases.

This will give you the list of all hidden apps, or the apps that have been deleted from your iPhone.

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Unhide apps from Settings Menu

The iOS platform offers you a way of hiding stock and non-stock If any app has been hidden following this method, you can just reverse the process to unhide those apps. Here is how you with it

  • If the app is a stock one, go to
  • Now locate and choose
  • Now tap on

This step will need your passcode. If you are aware of the passcode of your target phone, you should be able to unhide the hidden app.

If you want to find the hidden nonstock apps, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now locate General and tap on it.
  • Tap on Restrictions.
  • In the next step, choose Allowed Content and then, Apps
  • Here, you can select the apps that you would want unhide, or hide as the case may be.

Tapping on Allow, All Apps will unhide all the apps that have been hidden before.

Any other options to unhide the apps?

Your kids or anyone else can hide the apps using a few third-party apps. Some of the apps that can help you hide the apps can be Vaulty, CoverMe, and such other similar apps.

These apps help you hide your apps or any other content like images or videos. These apps disguise themselves as something else than what they actually do. So, if you are not aware of what these apps actually do, you may as well confuse them to be a Calculator or an Audio Manager.

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If you find any such app installed on your target iPhone, you can be sure of the fact that the owner of the phone is hiding some apps. How to unhide the hidden apps will depend upon the individual apps that have been installed. You can find ways to unhide the apps by going through the tutorials or the instructions provided on the vault apps.

In Conclusion

That was how you can unhide an app on your iPhone. However, hiding an app on an iOS device, it is not that easy as it is the case with an Android smartphone.

Apple’s high-end security features ensure that there are lesser possibilities of hiding an app on an iPhone. However, even in that case, there are a few select ways that you can hide an app with as explained above. Following the above methods can help you unhide the apps quite quickly.

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Have you used any of the methods featured above to find the hidden apps on your iPhone? If yes, do share your opinions and views with us. If you have access to any other ways of which you can find the hidden apps on an iPhone and unhide them, we will be glad to have your feedback and experience with such options.


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