How To Earn Money From Telegram [Complete Guide]


How To Earn Money From Telegram:- Messenger Apps are the new buzzwords for earning in the era of mobile technology that aims at providing numerous opportunities for marketers. Telegram is turning out to be one such app for marketing purposes for people knowing How to Earn money from Telegram. If you are also looking for ways to make money from Telegram, here are some tips for your help.

Gone are the days when people used this platform to communicate and share personal messages; it’s time to rethink technology and innovate new business strategies. Let’s get to business and look at how you can earn money from Telegram and promote your business through Telegram Channel.

how to earn money from telegram

About Telegram Messenger

Telegram is a cloud-based fast-growing messaging app. It is available both for desktop and mobile and is known for its high-level of security features. Telegram is prohibited in Russia and Iran but still makes a handsome number of user-base in Europe and the US apart from Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

According to Statista, Telegram is one of the ten best messaging apps in the USA in September 2019. Besides being a formidable contender communication-wise, one good reason for using this messenger app is monetization. Surprisingly, this app hasn’t used advertising to market itself; that’s why many entrepreneurs and business persons have leveraged it to promote themselves.

Some Facts about Telegram

Take a look at some facts if you have any doubts about Telegram’s credibility.

  • Users sent 15 Billion+ messages using the messenger app daily.
  • The app doesn’t spend any money on advertising and promotions.
  • 85% of Telegram users are using Android devices.
  • This messenger is available in 13 international languages.
  • Men to women ration on Telegram is 67% to 33%.
  • Users between 25 and 34 use this app mostly followed by the youngsters between 18 and 24.

Why Telegram is a good Monetization Source?

Here are the reasons you’ll need to start using the Telegram channel for monetization.

  1. Telegram doesn’t use unnecessary promotional or advertising strategies to attract audiences.
  2. Telegram users are more educated, and most of them use it for professional reasons.
  3. Many people are unaware of Telegram, and that makes it a marketing platform with relatively low competition.
  4. Telegram allows marketers to promote only relevant content to their subscribers.
  5. It’s free to create a Telegram Channel, and anyone can learn to create one. Once a channel is created, you can broadcast your message to an unlimited number of users.
  6. You can quickly achieve your target by creating a customer-facing chatbot for easy and quick responses to user queries.
  7. You can enhance your monetization options by creating private channels.
  8. Telegram is a user-friendly messenger app that safeguards everyone’s privacy.

How to Earn Money by Promoting a Telegram Channel

The first step to make money is to create your official telegram channel. Here is how to create a Telegram Channel for your business.

  • To create a channel on the iPhone, go to Chats, Tap New Message on the top-right corner, and New Channel.
  • To create a new channel on Android, Open the list of chats and tap on the Menu icon. Then, select New channel.

To name your Channel, complete the profile first by uploading a photo and writing the description.

  1. Set your channel settings by making it either public or private.

Note: You can find and follow a public channel in Telegram by searching their name. While you can join a private channel only when its invitation link is sent to you.

  1. The next step is to appoint admins to handle the channel. Tap the Information button on the top-right corner of your channel and select Administrators section. Add admin.
  2. Assign rights to the admin, such as Changing channel’s info, post messages, deleting messages, etc.

Promoting your Telegram channel

Promoting your channel is the next crucial step to how to make money from Telegram messenger.

  1. Choose a unique channel name that’s easy to remember and determines the purpose of your brand.
  2. Your logo should be easily understood and simple to reflect your brand values.
  3. Mention your brand’s positive points in your Channel description.
  4. Your content must be compelling enough to resonate with your audience and provide answers to their questions and demands.
  5. You can use infographics, media, and short introductory videos.
  6. Watermark your graphic messages to grab more viewers’ attention to your channel.
  7. Promotion is a chain of continuity, and you must stay consistent in posting your content daily. It’s always better to create a schedule—for example, one in the morning and another in the evening.
  8. Don’t promote too much. Restrict your channel’s limit to 2 messages daily. This won’t make the users feel disturbed.
  9. Add all the social media links in your promotional messages.

How to make Money from Telegram channel- the final touches

Now comes the most functional part of how to earn money from Telegram channel. Here are different ways you can boost your channel’s credibility as well as your business.

Sell advertisements or paid posts on your channel. 

Telegram doesn’t use paid advertising; that said, it’s an open-source app. As a marketer, you still need to promote your channels to grow your business. The solution is advertising you on other channels. Find some reputed channels related to your niche and start advertising to your good.

Charge fee for adding members to your private channel. 

If your channel is private, you can monetize it easily by adding new members at a minimum fee to give them premium membership to your channel. Many YouTube channels use that strategy for money-making. You create a public channel to host quality content and on the other hand, you also create a private channel where you post the same content consistently. Members can only access this content with premium access.

Sell and promote your services

Once you create your channel, you can use it as a platform sells your goods and services. If you are a seller OR you are providing any service like graphic design, web design, Content writing, tax consultant etc.

Refer and Earn

You can also earn money from telegram by refer and earn method. Many refer and earn program running on the internet, every online store, app download store, online recharge app, PPI (Pay per install) program are offers referral programs. You can use those programs and share it with your telegram channel OR telegram friends through unique referral code and make some money.


If your audiences are loyal and well-versed with your content, you can ask them to donate for a cause to achieve defined goals.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing methods are reliable and are more effective ways to earn money from Telegram. You are paid a commission for every operation performed through the affiliate links provided on your channel. The advertiser pays you for every positive lead made through your link. For example, if you market Amazon products on your channel, you will be paid a proportion of the items purchased through your link. Join with Amazon, Flipkart, affiliate, Commission Junction etc and share their product. You will get paid good commission when any one buy products using referral link.

Creating Telegram chatbots for other users.

If you have some technical knowledge, you can easily create chatbots for users and assist them with their business.

Sell Stickers and Business Cards

If you are handy with graphics creating stickers and business cards are the best way to earn money from Telegram. You can reach your clients and get the deal done once you display your creative work through your channel.

Create and sell Telegram channels.

If the niche you are working on is highly in-demand, you can add more value to your channel and sell it at handsome price. It’s an opportunity many marketers look for.

Bring Traffic to your Blog

If you have a blog to provide the mainstream information or content about the gods and services, Telegram can be a useful tool to boost traffic at your blog or website. Many users follow this strategy to enhance their user-base these days.

Is it hard to make money from Telegram in 2020?

2020 is a year of uncertainty where digital marketing has proved to be an excellent way to conduct business. Where many marketers have recognized their earning potential through apps like Telegram, many have decided to build their user-base via Telegram and other digital marketing platforms. It’s not hard to earn money, but do keep in mind that it takes a lot of creativity and consistency to hit the benchmark and start earning revenue through Telegram.


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