How to Download Android O Launcher on your Phone?


Are you still working with a smartphone that has Android Nougat? If yes, you may be aware that Android Nougat is not the latest Android version anymore. If you are bored with your old launcher on your device, no need to worry… We are up with the new version of the Pixel launcher – the Android O Launcher. How to install Android O launcher on your Phone? Do not fret. We will make the task easy for you… So, keep reading on to know more.

Android O Launcher

What is Android O Launcher?

Well, it is the same launcher that runs on Google Pixel phones. Maybe even you are running it on your phone running a Pixel launcher if you have stock Android on your phone right now. Those having custom ROMs also normally have the Pixel launcher on their devices.

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The version of the Pixel launcher that has been updated for Android O is normally referred to as Android O launcher. If you do not know what Android O is, it is the latest version of the Android Operating system. Developers working on the modding and custom ROMs have extracted the Android O Launcher APK from the developer previews of Android O. Since, the file is available in the APK format, it should not be a difficult task to install it on a smartphone running on Android Nougat. If you know how to sideload an app on your Android device, we are sure you will not face any issue with respect to installing Android O launcher APK on your phone.

Salient Features of Android O

Well, since Android O has not been released officially and still in beta, we may not be able to get all the details about the new version of the operating system and what it brings up. However, a brief study of the beta previews suggests the following features –

  • You can now access Google search from your Home page.
  • Swiping up to get your App Drawer.
  • Support for all Android versions
  • App Suggestions feature
  • Swiping left from the first home screen will give you access to Google Cards.

How to Install Android O Launcher on Android Nougat?

The Android O Launcher has been extracted from the developer preview of the Android O. You should be able to easily sideload the APK file onto your smartphone running on Android Nougat. Please note that the launcher can work on previous versions of the Android operating systems as well, though we have tested it only on Android N.

Follow the steps below to install Android O launcher on your phone –

  • Download the APK file for the Android O Launcher. There are two versions of the APK file available. You can download any one of them. Download links are provided at the end of the article.
      • Go into Settings on your phone once you have downloaded the APK file, you can install it just like any other Android application you have installed through an APK file. If you have not sideloaded any app before, you may need to change the settings to allow the installation of an application from third party sources. To do this,
      • Head on to Security and look for Unknown Sources.
      • Tap on the button beside it to enable it, if not enabled already.

    However, please note that the app may not visible on your App drawer. You may need to go into your Settings app again to look for the options to change the launcher. But, the procedure for the same can be different for individual models and manufacturers.

    That should do it! You have successfully installed Android O launcher on your smartphone. Now, enjoy the features that Android O launcher offers you. You have now become a true Android fan..!
    Here are the download links you can use to install Android O Launcher on your Android device. You can use either of the APK files.


    You may also different versions of the Android O launcher on APKMirror. You can access it from the link below

    Wrapping Up

    Android O may not be available on all smartphones. Only a select few devices will be lucky enough to get the update to Android O. If you are stuck on Android Nougat, and are bored with the default launcher on your phone, Android O launcher can indeed be a refreshing change for you.

    Have you installed the Android O launcher on your Android device? If yes, how did you find it working with your phone? Do share your experiences with us. If you have faced any issues with the installation of the Android O launcher, do share the issues you faced through the comments here below. We will be glad to assist you in installing the Android O launcher on your phone.

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