How to create free Edu mail in 2020? [Step by Step Guide]


How to create free Edu mail: We all know that personal email accounts help in transferring important information between the sender and receiver of any file format, and similarly, professional email accounts help in improving the image of a business and its brand and also showcasing the genuine identification of your organization or product/service. But what is free Edu email address 2020 and on whom it has been focused? To know about Edu mail in detail, read through this blog and understand the utilization of the same.

What is an Edu mail?

An Edu mail is similar to other email addresses but the purpose of using it varies from others. It is mainly created for students and other workers of an institution as an acknowledgment of studying/ working in that institution, in simple terms a sort of affiliation, which will help them represent their institution in any event, occasion, seminars, etc.

Why students need Edu email?

Students who perform theses on many things definitely cannot register their names with their Personal email ids in any event, seminars or meets that happen in their related field, not within the limit of their institution. In such cases, institutions or universities create free Edu email addresses for them to participate in all the aforementioned scenarios.

Features of .edu email addresses

There are multiple benefits cum features for students having .edu email address. A few of them are listed in the following section:

Free Microsoft Office 365 account: 

Microsoft offers many software and applications/tools for free to students to get the most benefits out of their products and attain great knowledge embedded with technology. With .edu email, it offers Office 365 account along with access to ITB One Drive. First, students have to create an email account in .edu, visit the official website of Microsoft and enter the created email address in the respective box and click on the Next button. Based on the prompts that follow, they can successfully avail of the facility provided by Microsoft.

Unlimited Google Drive storage: 

Similar to features that Gmail offers us, you get unlimited Google Drive storage for saving any files that you receive in the .edu email account flawlessly. This will free-up your email space and you will not be facing a situation of losing any important emails.

Free Amazon Prime subscription: 

This is such a wonderful benefit that you get out of creating a .edu email. You get six months of Amazon Prime subscription where you get access to old and newly-released movies, series in six to seven different languages. At any time, before you the subscription end date, you can cancel the free membership or pay as per the company’s norms to continue with it.

Free Premium LastPass: 

By creating .edu mail, you get six months free subscription of premium LastPass with which you can store any number of login credentials of any account that you create including your .edu email, which will be stored in the server of LastPass, and unfortunately if you lose your phone or your computer is corrupted, you can retrieve the entered details from LastPass.

Free Autodesk software: 

Autodesk is such a wonderful invention with which you can create innovative designs if you are a student of civil, aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, etc. By having a .edu mail, you will have all the benefits of the software.

Apart from the aforementioned features, you have many amazing things to avail such as flat 50% discount of Spotify, free student developer pack from GitHub, a subsidized annual premium for opening an account in Newegg, the student store, LucidChart software for free to both students and teachers and more.

How to create free Edu mail

after reading all the things about .edu emails now we are understanding the step by step tutorial how to create free edu emails. so, read very carefully these steps.

How to create a .edu email address?

You can get free Edu email from your institution itself. To create Edu email account, you have to approach your institution’s admin person. In case you are the admin person or know the administration credentials of your institution, you can follow this procedure:

1: Log into your institution’s web control panel.

2: Search for the Email tile and click on it to open the Mail Administration option.

3: Click on New Account, and enter the new email address you wish to create.

4: Set the password when prompted for your email account and click on Save.

Can students create an Edu email for free?

Free edu email address is created by the institution the students graduate. If you have any doubts regarding the same, you can check with the administration department of your institution. Maybe your institution will have to buy edu email from the respective service providers and offer it to you for free.

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List of free Edu creators

There are many free edu email generator(s) around but choose the right one who do not provide you a fake edu email or create fake college email so that your integrity is not questioned in front of others. If your institutions’ web hosting service provider has offered a website builder for free, they can create free edu emails for all students effortlessly. Otherwise, you can research and check whether the following website builders can help in creating free edu email addresses.

  • uKit
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Google Sites
  • XPRS
  • Jimdo, etc.

In the aforementioned case, you can build free websites and through that can create .edu email addresses. Anyhow, it is always good for students to suggest their institution’s management regarding their opinion about free website builders if any and leave it to them for free edu email generator.

Bottom line

With the information provided in this blog. You now know how to get edu mail free and what are the benefits of having an .edu mail account. You can keep referring to our blogs or post us further queries. On how to create edu email free or any technical queries for that matter. Before creating a .edu email account on any website. It is always recommended to go through several articles for the latest updates for availing a better result out of what you expect.