How to Choose Bluetooth Earbuds


With the advent of Bluetooth technologies, the need to have cables all around our devices has been dramatically eliminated. When it comes to earplugs, we all get a little choosy. The messy wires and the need to untangle them every time is troublesome. Inducing this applaudable technology into earbuds bridge the gap between the love for music and the need to have hearing devices.

However, there is a wide assortment of products such as the $50 enacfire 18 or a $1000 Sennheiser to choose from. And finding the best and the most optimal would be a difficult task.

Before you head out in the market to buy the best piece for your ear, it is necessary to have a look at few of the desirables.

Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Would you prefer wireless buds? : Often we are so busy that we forget to keep our smartphones charged and so if you opt to buy a wireless bud you would have an extra task to ensure that your Bluetooth device is loaded too, along with the hectic of carrying another piece of a cable while traveling.
  • Are you comfortable with the earbuds: Of course you get irritated when you see your earphones bouncing along with you at the treadmill, and you would be mesmerized by the presence of a light weighted earbud, but do you have the idea that apart from eliminating wires the best earbuds are not as good as the best earphones(in the context of sound quality)?

However, if you are ready to pay more and find it suitable for your needs, then you must look at the following specification before you spend on one.

Choosing The Optimal earbud

The range of Bluetooth:

If you are heading to buy a Bluetooth earbud, the first thing you must look at is the range of Bluetooth offered by the company. A right earbud would provide you a more extensive range of Bluetooth Connectivity so that whether you are working out in a gym or office, you need not carry your smartphone along with you at shorter distances.

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Having a larger Bluetooth range deems it to be handy. Also, you should keep in mind that the sound quality shouldn’t be altered with increasing distance. Now, the range doesn’t entirely rely on the price tag; it depends on the model and the company. E.g., There is a possibility that a $XX enacfire 18 can have a better range than $XXX Shure.


Having earbuds might appear exciting, but if the design sucks, get ready for those ear pains. To avoid the pain, the design should be such that gives the ease to fit in and is comfortable along. An in-ear design would be preferable as they are unique and provide maximum comfort. An ergonomically perfect design would allow you to wear the device for hours without any issues and also fit securely.

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Ease of Use:

A simple technology incorporated would allow anyone without the technical knowledge to use the device. A simple click and you are connected. That’s what one should be looking for because you might know the app to link from and your father won’t.  In short, KISS(Keep it simple, stupid).

Sound Quality:

When it comes to buying any audio device, as an audiophile, the first and the foremost thing to consider is the sound quality. No matter how much you spend on a device, if that does not have a good quality of sound, then that devices are useless.

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Choose the earbuds that that rich sound quality and assures that you don’t skip a beat. Minute details of the main could be heard, and provision of excellent bass should top the list of the earbuds you choose to buy. Along the while, the earbud must not deter your health while having a superb HD stereo. Choose the earbud that ranks high in above.

Battery life:

The last but also one of the essential criteria you should look into an earbud while buying one is its battery life. A device with at least 3-5 hours of playtime out-of-box should be the preference while shopping for a Bluetooth Earbuds.  

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Final words

Having said all above, choose the one that fits your budget and ranks high in the specifications to provide you an excellent music experience.

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