How to Change Name on Truecaller Profile When it Showing Wrong Name


How to Change Name on Truecaller Profile: – Truecaller is one of the most popular caller ID android app to find the name of the caller number and also it helps to detect spam calls and SMS. With the help of this caller ID app, you can easily know the name of a caller mobile number, who called us. So, you can track that how you can know the name of the caller person of any mobile number through ruecaller. First of all, we understand how its work.

Whenever anyone install Truecaller in there android Smartphone. It asks to enable some permission to open the app and one of them is access contact permission. When he enable that permission on their phone. It automatically accesses and stores there all android phone contacts in their database with the name and that is saved in their phone contact list. Read Also: Trace Mobile Number in India

After Truecaller installation, whenever you search any person number on this app to know about caller name. In most of case, it provides right result, but some time its show wrong name. So, this article is on how to change name on truecaller Profile when it’s showing wrong name.

How to Change Name on Truecaller Profile

First of all Download and install TrueCaller app, the app will send you ‘One Time Password’ to verify your phone number.

How to Change Name on Truecaller

After OTP verification, launch the TrueCaller app and open the app menu, then click on Edit Profile which is located opposite on your name.

How to Change Name on Truecaller

Click on Edit (Pencil icon). Enter your first and enter Your Last name as you want to appear in TrueCaller and save. Done

How to Change Name on Truecaller Profile (When you don’t have TrueCaller App)

If you don’t have Truecaller installed in your android phone OR you don’t want to install the app in your phone, don’t worry, you can still change wrong name on truecaller profile. So, just follow given steps and change your name in Truecaller.

Open Truecaller official website in PC, Laptop or mobile by – Truecaller official website

On truecaller home page, enter your phone number and press enter. (now you need to sigh in with your Google OR Microsoft account).

After Creating Account OR enter login detail, you will be redirected to a page that will contain basic information related to the mobile number you just entered. Click on ‘suggest a batter name’. Enter a name that you want to displayed on truecaller and click on ‘suggest name’

 After submitting your request, TrueCaller team will verify the data and revert within 48 hours.

The above Truecaller name change tips may take some time to effect changes made by you.

This was the step by step tips to change name in Trucaller profile, if you have any query OR suggestion related to this tutorial, then do write us in comment box.


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