How Managed IT Services Are Helping Companies in Washington, DC Stay Competitive


In today’s challenging world, there are countless opportunities. The internet and free trade have made this possible, as they have granted access to the world’s most affordable raw materials, products, and talent.

However, these changes have also forced companies to raise their level of competition. Lower barriers to entry have made it easy for hungry competitors to eat into market share. If you wish to remain healthy over the long-term, your firm must continuously look for ways to create space between you and your pursuers.

There are many ways to accomplish this, but they vary from one industry to another. However, if there is one commonality among them all, it’s the cost of IT services. According to ZDNet, the average American business spent over a quarter million on IT in 2015. Since then, that number has likely grown.

Therefore, if you’re looking to increase the competitive edge of your business, it makes sense to start by looking at your tech budget. Hiring a managed IT services firm in the Washington, DC metro area can help in this regard.

Below, we’ll show you how you can use them to take your company to the next level.

Managed IT Service Firms Cost Less Than In-House IT Departments

As we revealed in the intro, IT is a considerable expense. Even medium-sized companies struggle with these costs – as they scale, so do their labor & hardware expenditures. Financial firms are especially hard hit by this phenomenon  – according to Accenture, more than 70% of fintech IT budgets are spent on cybersecurity/maintenance.

If you are looking to get leaner & meaner, consider outsourcing your IT department. If you have just two IT employees on-staff, you are (on average) spending over $233,000 in the Washington DC area.

Compare that with the average cost of an outsourced IT team. If you go this route, you’ll often spend no more than $100 per user per month. If you employ 50 people (yourself included), that means you’d spend $60,000 per year on IT labor. Given these numbers, you’d be a fool NOT to explore the savings a managed IT services firm could provide.

Outsourced IT Firms Offer More “Bang For Your Buck”

Being online is a prerequisite for most businesses these days. Yet, most companies don’t have $233,000 lying around. Instead, firms that can’t afford that level of spending a turn to IT generalists. In DC, these “one size fits all” professionals command an average salary of about $77,000 per year. As such, many SMEs lean on them.

However, these professionals aren’t magicians. While some may be good at network maintenance, they might struggle to keep on top of the latest cybersecurity threats. IT generalists may resolve some issues within 30 minutes, but others could perplex them for hours.

The diversity of managed IT service firms is one of their greatest strengths. These companies have a variety of specialists on their payroll. From help desk functions to cloud computing, network maintenance to cybersecurity, they cover it all.

When you switch to an IT outsourcer, you aren’t just conserving capital – you’re actually improving your company’s capabilities.

Managed IT Service Firms Help You Focus On What’s Important

Of all the struggles that Washington DC startups face, labor costs frequently top the list. In the beginning, these companies need to focus on growth – they can’t afford to hire an IT department. So, they make do with what they have.

Often, the most tech-savvy employee has to serve as their de-facto IT person. So, every time a printer breaks or someone can’t log in, they have pulled away from their primary role. The adverse effects of multitasking have been well-documented over the years. According to an NYT report, experts estimated that regularly switching between tasks cost the US economy $650 billion per year.

Your company is at its best when key talent focuses on its core competencies. A managed IT services firm can run your company’s help desk, allowing your star designer to get back to working on your prototype. In the long run, this can improve your firm’s odds of success.

Outsourced IT Firms Keep Your Enterprise Running 24/7

The faster your company gets your product to market, the higher your likelihood of success. The longer your hours, the more customers you can serve. That’s how operating 24/7 can enhance your competitive edge over businesses stuck in a 9-5 mindset.

If you operate this way, though, your networks must work flawlessly 24/7. If your IT person clocks out at 6 pm, what happens if things go south at 2 am? Having an outsourced IT services firm managing your servers solves this problem. They employ technicians that cover your needs at any hour – no more paying huge wages to keep a tech employee on-call.

Stay Sharp In Today’s Hyper-Competitive World

The tech revolution has added jet fuel to the competitiveness of firms the world over. To keep up, you must rein in costs and increase your resourcefulness. Employing a managed services IT firm over in-house employees is just one way you can maximize the efficiency of your capital.


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