House Cleaning Tips and Tools After Renovation


After the renovation or new construction, we find our house with a lot of mess, and you cannot stay in the immediately after the renovation you need to do a post-Reno cleaning before furniture and designing your house.

You need to clean away all the dust before its get spread to every cranny or nook space. Through clean all the new space with the help of some post cleaning tips as mentioned below, follow them and live safe.

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How to clean after renovation:

Removing the construction debris is the first thing you need to do after post-reno.

Clear all the construction leftovers:

To start a post-reno cleaning, the first thing you need to do is clearing off all the construction leftovers things, debris, trash and others so that you can have a free walking place. Remove or clean if your renovation place is left with any plastic sheets, tape strips, wood splinters, hardware tools such as screws, nails, etc.

Wipe off and touch up baseboards and walls:

Next follow up with cleaning up all the walls around your home, pain, and patch if there is any minor damage to the walls like smudges, nail marks, dents, scratches and any other. Thorough clean the walls such as removing any caulking, adhesives, and sprucing the wall surface with magic eraser products is one the best thing, you can also use mild detergents and water to clean your walls and baseboards completely.

Thorough clean the floors:

Cleaning the floor takes a lot of time and puts more strain on your elbows as the floor is the most affected place in the house after construction. So plan before it how to clean the floors efficiently without many stains.

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Clean all the grime and filth present on the floor entirely and then do mops, wax, etc. vacuum the floors to completely clean the floor also vacuum the carpets curtains if any. Steam clean or wash them so that there is no stain, dust or bad odor present in the carpets dry them properly before using them.

Clean all the glass property and windows efficiently:

Take some glass cleaning products to clean all the glass doors, panels and windows present in and around your home, take care while cleaning so that there is no chance of any cracks in the glass. Clean thoroughly for a bright finish on the glass surface. Clean the glass doors or windows or panels by working top to bottom, use solutions, sprays and water one after the other to obtain the best result. You need to wipe off with a cloth other after cleaning the glass otherwise the scars will be present on it giving a dirty look. Make sure that ledges and also the windowsills are dust free.

Clean the HVAC system:

The HVAC unit will be entirely accumulated with airborne dust while renovation work it affects the quality of indoor air which gives rise to health problems. So for fresh air cleaning the HVAC is very crucial.

Clean all the complete property:

Neatly clean all the rooms in your home like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. also clean the cabinets, drawers, doors, lighting fixtures in your home as there may be layers of dust present on them like micro dust particles.

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Final touches and exterior care:

Give a final touch to all your doors with a polish, vacuum your floor for the last time. Check the exterior of your home as there may be some dust around your building clean if there is any dried concrete etc.

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