Headphone that are Ear Free and Directly Transfers Sound through skull

Many improvements have been made in the field of sound and music so that the user can get the best from the technology but, the concept of headphones always remains the same in which you have to put the ear plugs in to your ears and then you can listen to whatever you want. Did you ever think that are these headphones safe for your ears? The answer to this question is “No” they are not safe and day by day they are damaging your ear drums.

In order to come up with this problem, Banana Studios have made something that will transfer the sound directly through your skull. This new ear free headphone directly transfers the sound to your ear drums and you don’t have to cover your ears with anything like ear plugs. This whole thing works on the principle of bone conduction in which the sound waves reaches the skull directly. This new set of headphone is conformable and you don’t to pull it out again and again to hear something.

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This new technology allows you to leave your ears free and allows you to hear the other noises and sounds of the environment.

Though there are certain people who still prefer to use the traditional earphones but they will soon understand the disadvantages of it.

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