Handing phones to young children!


There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that each and every species of animals are really obsessed with their offspring. Human beings are no different. Children are possibly the best reason for joy to the parents. And they can go to any limits to bring them upright as well as do things for them.

Parenting and its style are definitely changing. And just within a decade of time, it has immensely progressed. Nowadays parents seem to be much more understanding as well as listening. They also want to provide the kids with the best things. And why not? After all the technological advancement is such that it cannot be avoided by any generation. The phone is definitely next to the list of the favorites.

But then again there is a huge controversy regarding at what age should a child be provided with their first phone. The answer is really differing but then again people should be aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of providing children with phones at a young age. Understanding these can in itself help parents figure out a perfect age they should have the phones to their kids.

Advantages of the phones:

Following are the various advantages of the phones that the children can make use of:

  • Completing their assignments:

There is completely no doubt about the fact that the world is absolutely changing and the education system along with it is too. Assignments are major affairs nowadays and students right from the small age are expected to take this seriously. This is absolutely why, if they have a phone with them when accessing the internet and getting through with the necessary information becomes great for them.

  • Acquiring knowledge:

Acquiring knowledge is equally important for the children no matter what. If they have a curiosity then instead of disturbing their parents they can just surf online and get through with the necessary answers for themselves. This is exactly what the phones will help them in doing.

  • Keep them entertained:

Nowadays phones can do an n number of different things. There is completely no doubt in the fact that when it comes to providing the best entertainment then the phones are nowhere behind the televisions or the playrooms. There is treatment stuff that can be done on the phone and these will keep the kids absolutely busy and entertained.

These are sincerely just a few of the many advantages that phones can offer people with. Unfortunately, the list of disadvantages also exists.

Disadvantages of the phones:

Following are the various disadvantages of the phones that young kids can experience at a young age:

  • Talking to strangers:

One of the greatest risks of the internet is that it is open to all. This is only why he will be aware of the fact that, those kids can be extremely vulnerable in the online world because there are many strangers one not correct and yet talk to them. There are other devices that support the internet as well. But then again the phones are the fastest way to do that.

  • Surfing stuff they should not:

There is a great amount of knowledge available on the Internet. But knowing everything at its own correct time is exactly what the children should wait for. Unfortunately with the phones right in the vicinity they can absolutely surf anything they want on the Internet and come to know about it.

  • Obsessed with it:

There are many adults, who are absolutely obsessed with phones. So why will the children not be fascinated with it? And this is absolutely one of the greatest and unhealthiest of all obsessions that people can have.

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