Halloween face apps to scare your friends


As we are living in the era of advanced technology, we do celebrate and wish maximum occasion through phones by sending wishes through texts, pics and many other. If you are connected to social media networks like Hike or Whatsapp, then you will get a sticker or text which you can forward to all of your close mates and then celebrate together even though if you are far away from each other. One of the craziest occasion is Spirit Halloween night, this occasion is very much weird but is celebrated all over the world.

What would you do if you know that now you can edit your photo into scary stuff on the Halloween night occasion? Yes, you can edit now you photo into some scary stuff, and it will look better than your makeup. Now you can have some Halloween face apps with which you can edit your picture and then scare your friend, want to know the list of all those apps? Here below I have given you all the apps with which you can make yourself to a scary thing on the Halloween night.

Spirit Halloween Face apps:

Scare Prank

The most loved apps that are used to scare others by making your picture into a scary zombie-like structure. This spirit Halloween apps is readily available in the Google Play store, and this is app comes for of cost and the size of this Scare Prank is minuscule the only 3.1MB. But you must make sure that you share the picture edited with this software only with those people who are totally not having a problem in the heart like heart weak.

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Zombie Booth 2

This app is very much popular among all the photo editing app for all Android phone users. You can also use this software to share your mate with scary photos of yours, believe me, you will look scarier then you look after makeup. This app is also free of cost and is easily available in Google play store, let me give you a demo picture that is edited with this app, are you ready to look at the picture.

Shake Scary face:

What you don’t want any photo editing app, but scary wallpaper to scare your close mate? So for you shake- scary face will be the best, this is a live wallpaper which is really amazing. First, you will get a skull on your mobile screen, but slowly it will be covered by your face or other. Yes, the face can be customized, this will help you out in scaring your close mate easily by showing him this scary wallpaper on your phone screen.

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Camera Dead Radar:

This app is made just for fun which means you play a prank with your friend easily with your buddies. This software is available for all the Android phone users and is free of cost, so now you don’t need any amount to play a prank with your mates. This app works like a camera, and you will see some ghost on your device screen, and you will also get notification what type of ghost is detected. Again I am telling you this app is developed just for pranks.

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So this is all the apps that you can have this Spirit Halloween occasion and scare all your friends with all this prank Android software. So what are you waiting for, install this software as soon as possible and then start doing a joke with your friends with some fake ghost story? This is all for today, thanks for reading.

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