How Hackers Hack PayPal Account in 2018 – Hack PayPal


How Hackers Hack PayPal Account: With most of the banking and money exchange happening online these days, it is very important that they are secure and not prone to any interference. Sadly, no one could guarantee that the processes that happen online are 100% safe.

Most of the people have an idea of what PayPal is and how it functions. However, in the recent months, there have been many complaints about the user’s account in PayPal being prone to hacking.

Most of the hacking would be done through a process termed as Phishing, in which, the account holder would receive a mail from some unknown source claiming something catchy. This is done, in order, to tempt the user open the mail, which, in return allows the hacker to acquire the account details. Apart from this, there are several different ways to hack a PayPal account.

Here below, I will mention some of the common ways hackers could put into action to hack PayPal account.

  1. Check the mail address of the sender, if the mail was sent by PayPal, it would have at the end of the sender’s email address
  2. Check if the mail content has any grammatical or spelling mistakes. If the mail were from PayPal, it would not have any type of errors.
  3. If the mail you received has any links to websites, check if the address ends with,, or or PayPal. (the country you live in). If the address does not have these, then it could be from a hacker. It is very important that you check the address carefully, as most of them would look like PayPal.
  4. Whenever you are asked to enter the PayPal login credentials, it is very important that you check the address bar and make sure that the website is PayPal and not some look-alike website designed to loot your credentials.

The above-mentioned is some of the common ways used by hackers to acquire your PayPal credentials. So, make sure you do not fall into these traps.

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