Remember the days before Google Maps? You have to plan a lot of driving out to some new place or city and sometimes you just go on driving the same city, but you couldn’t find the exact destination. But the things has changed after the launch of Google Maps.

This is one of the best service initiated by Google I guess. We have seen many Google Maps Update came after the launch of it. After these updates, we have seen many Google Maps features that have made our life easier

Those were the days when you couldn’t even ask for the directions because what people say is understandable to them only. But since now we have an amazing app with impressive features available we don’t have to worry about going anywhere. Every update brought some great new Google Maps features. Even better, nowadays there are many apps taking Google Maps to new levels of functionality. For example, with Captive you can create your custom Google maps and tailor them to your needs.

These Google maps updates are not only made available for PC, but they are also made available for Google Maps app that you can use on your smartphone. These days Google is working towards adding new features of Google Maps.

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With the new Google Maps Updates, many new features have been launched let’s check them out

Offline Maps

The first and foremost thing that is brought with the new Google map update is the Google map offline feature. Gone are the days when you need a data pack in order to use the Google map service. With the latest new Google maps, you just have to select the area where you will be visiting, and the app will automatically download the full map of that area.

The downloaded map will include gas stations, ATM, Clinics, Hospitals, Hotels, Parking, Garages, etc. This is one of the excellent Google Map features that will help us find things instantly.

How to use Google Maps Features?

In order to use this Google Maps Features, you have to search for something, for example, a city or a town, and then open the menu which is at the bottom of the app. Now just simply tap on the Download. If you want you can zoom and download the desired map by tapping on the Download again, give it a name and save.

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Search Along the Route

At the moment some Google Maps features like this are available only on Android and will be coming to iOS soon. While you are using the map and navigating just tap on the search button and you will see many items will appear that lets you choose among the Gas Station, Hospitals, schools, etc.

Driving Mode

Another New one of the Google maps features is here which is available for only Android users. It’s an impressive feature, and every Android user must try it. This feature will show you the direction where you want are going, and it will give you the info about the traffic and its status.

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Popular Times

This is my favorite feature because I hate waiting somewhere in a queue or dealing with the crowd. This is one of the new Google Maps features that is available for both iPhone and Android users know as Popular Times. This new feature will help you know when a store or restaurant is crowded and when it will be empty. This feature works on historical data.

Find A Bathroom

This is one of the best Google Map Feature. Suppose you in a new city, and you wanted to Pee what you will do? This feature is made to use in such a situation. You just have to pull out your google maps and zoom, and you will find the icons showing restrooms that are located.

Transfer directions to your Device

Searching for maps and directions is good when you are on a PC or laptop but doing the same thing all over again on your phone seems a bit frustrating. This Google Map Update brings the best new feature for you. Google Map Update allows you to transfer the map or the directions to your phone. There is a new Send to Your Phone option is made available.

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See the pattern of Traffic

If you are stuck in a traffic jam while traveling daily? Here is the solution to it. Google Maps update will solve your problem. You just have to open the Google maps on the desktop and click on the three-line icon given in the search box then select Traffic.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a small box, just click the drop-down from there and click on the Live Traffic and change it to regular traffic. Adjust the slider as per the hour and the new Google maps feature will show you the info.


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