A Guide to Google Loco and Your Fun with It


To keep away your boredom, the internet has got a myriad of Google tricks that are used by people these days to make their search with Google interesting. Google loco is one among these where the alphabets dance to bring back that smile lost with the work stress. Someday if you wish to search for something other just casually away from that regular search, won’t it be great to make this search more joyous with some Google tricks?

This is where Google loco comes to play. In fact, the proliferation of Google joke or parody sites has been considered a phenomenon responsible for the successful functioning of Google.

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Google Loco- mocked up Google version

The setup of GoogleLoco is based on the customized search engine of Google which is designed carefully with all features that make it look funny. Though there are around 10 types of mocking Google homepages, loco Google has been reviewed as a favorite one. So you will reach it and share its joy with you?

Here is a simple guide for finding and accessing this mocked up Google homepage.

  • You will first have to type the URL http://www.googleloco.com in the browser and click on I am feeling lucky to find access to this homepage of Google. You can also type Google Loco I am feeling lucky in the browser to hit directly to the joke site.


  • With access to the site, you will come across a couple of features seeming funny, the one instantly noticeable being the words  Google loco taking the place of Google Search. However the former appears in the same color and font. Wait did you notice that? Yes, the letters are dancing as if they had a number of shots at the party last night. Some also feel that they resemble guys waiting in the queue for their chance to visit the loo. Whatever you might take up thinking about them, they seem least bothered and keeps flowing with their own mood. Dance and Dance.


  • There is something more to be discovered. Those two buttons which appear below the search bar of the normal Google page are also there but seem a bit mocked up. Instead of reading Google Search and I am Feeling Lucky, they read Loco search and I am Feeling Loco.


  • Finding it interesting? The list is still on There is another loco Google trick It is related to the search bar. As you start typing in a letter in that bar, you will find the color of the search bar and the letters changing with each new letter being typed. If you type fast, these colors will change in a flash like that of a laser show. If you type slowly, you will experience the color change which is quite an impressive one.

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A mockup Google homepage version with an individual affiliation

Though the page might seem fun-filled, the results leave you with just a bit of what you desired. However, all the results which appear on this loco page come directly from the Google search page. Again the statement you find printed right at the bottom of the loco search page clearly reveals that it has no affiliation with Google and has been created just for fun. So if you find it really funny, then hit the like button on its Facebook page and applaud its creative team.

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