Google’s Self Driving Cars Will Soon Hit the Roads

Many of us might have heard the latest technology news that Google has built up a car that can drive on its own and some of us might be looking to get the one. You will soon see the new Google’s self driving cars on the roads.

Google declares that they will launch this car this summer. though they may use this car for their internal because the transport authority wants to see the success of these cars. Google built up 200 units of these cars and their body is made up of plastic so that they are light in weight.

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Googles Self Driving Cars –

google self driving car cost


It’s an electric car that has a motor inside the hood which can easily pull the load of 3 to 4 people. You may feel awkward when you see the dashboard of this car because there is no steering wheel. You will just find a start and stop button at the dashboard along with some more maps related controls.

So, go ahead and enjoy the stressful ride.

Today you will find a lot of troubles while driving on the roads, but now you don’t have to worry about that because this self-driven car will take to the destination will full safety and comfort. You just have to sit in this car and you can enjoy the beauty of the roads and the city which you were missing since a long time.

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Even though this car will be used for Google’s internal campus only but the future of this car is very bright and the day is very near when we can see these cars running on the road. The biggest benefit of this self-driving car is that it’s totally Eco-friendly because it runs on an electric motor and can reach a long distance after getting it fully charged.

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