Google Plus Photos is Ending Soon


Google plus photo sharing is a feature available in Google+ social network which is going to end up soon. Instead, Google Photos (Note that + is not there) will be live in the place of Google + photos.

This ending up will take place from 1st Aug. As per Google, the Android version will be launched first and then the web and iOS will be made available.

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Google is providing a tool that will transfer your Google plus photos to your google photos account. One can easily find this tool on their G+ account page. The reason to kill G+ photos is that the availability of standalone Google Photos makes G+ Photos a bit confusing. Some features that were there in G+ photos are not available in Google Photos like Pushing pics to Chromecast, PhotoSphere hosting support.

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This new Google Photos bring a lot of new features and stuff for the user which is beyond the unlimited storage thing. you can download this new app from the app store. as we all know Google launched its social networking site as google + and many people prefer that much more than Facebook and Twitter. The main reason for this is that Google gives preference to the account that has google + profile in terms of SEO and this is the reason why people are making lots of ids on Google plus. so they don’t have to worry for this feature if it ends up.


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