Google Pixel Buds 2: Google’s Truly Wireless Earbuds


Google’s original Pixel Buds didn’t seem to be so fruitful when it marked its arrival in the market. However, with the release of Pixel Buds 2, things seem to be very different from its predecessor. Initially, Pixel Buds were introduced in the year 2017 as it was being shipped along with the Pixel 2 XL. Although Google had stepped in the world of wireless earbuds back then, it was conspicuous that they didn’t emphasize much on it. Yeah, there were some good aspects of the antecedent though.


Regardless, the technological era we peregrinate into, Google has never stepped back in bringing modifications to our ease. However, there is always a probable chance of contrariety in everything. Yeah, we must agree that it was the first-generation hardware. So we shouldn’t proliferate the expectations. But being available at $159 with a medley of faults, it’s obvious to make you infuriated.

Basically, Pixel Buds comprised of two earbuds that were riveted with a fabric-covered cord. They can be connected to Bluetooth. You could use it with any smartphone you like, be it Pixel 2 or anything else. Well, there was a touchpad on the outside of the right earbud from which you can easily control the music. Tap to play or pause; swipe forward or back to increase or decrease the volume respectively. Moreover, you can perceive the notifications and time with a double-tap.

Besides, some of its defects were enough for your misery. You had no option to skip or rewind the song. You could only do that with the help of Google Assistant, which is just a tap-hold away. However, not all the music app supported voice control back then, and still, you can find such apps on Play Store. Also, it was pretty hard for the Pixel Buds to discern that you have removed it from your ears. Still, its audio output had better clarity. Plus, the comfort of Google Assistant was a remarkable aspect in Pixel Buds.


With the release of Pixel Buds 2, it seems like most of the flaws have been fixed. The wireless earbuds have been priced at $179 with all of its modifications. It is available for purchase from April 27. In comparison to the Apple AirPods, it is clear that Pixel Buds 2 can easily give its competitor a run for the money. The key thing that makes an impact here is Adaptive Sound.

Pixel Buds 2: Appearance 

Moreover, you’ll be completely hassle-free because Pixel Buds 2 has no cable cord attached to it. It looks quite similar to its earlier version as its design has not evolved much. But, the absence of wire has made it more comfortable and lightweight. Now, Google has also ensured to make earbuds easily fit in your ears.

Pixel Buds 2: Features 

Adaptive sound is one of the best things about this product. Google says: “Adaptive Sound dynamically and subtly adjusts the volume as you move between quiet and noisy environments.” So, you don’t have to put any effort into adjusting the volume. It works the same way as the phone’s auto-brightness feature. In addition, there’s also a voice accelerometer that will sense the vibrations of your jawbone while on a call.

Pixel Buds 2: Charging and Battery Life 

The battery life is almost same as the first-generation Pixel Buds with 5 hours of undisturbed amusement. Along with its case, you also get an extra time of 24 hours. Plus, it just requires a little less than an hour to get fully charged. This makes it comparable to Apple’s AirPods. However, it is miles away from Samsung’s Galaxy Buds in case of standby (11 hours). Moreover, Pixel Buds 2 is also Qi-certified, so any of the wireless chargers in the market are compatible with it.

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Further, the charging case also comes with a light signal to show the status of its own battery. With it, there’s also a LED for both the earbuds. One of Google’s spokesperson apprised about the Pixel Buds 2, saying: “On voice calls, the algorithm is more conservative to avoid any dropped audio. So, while a difference may be noticeable after a long call, if you switch to streaming audio or other functions after, you will likely see the battery level out.”

He further added, “Because the two earbuds serve different functions at different times to maximize battery, one earbud may consume more battery than the other. The algorithm monitors the state on both earbuds and can switch either earbud to support more power-hungry functions, while intelligently prioritizing high-quality connectivity and playback performance.”

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Pixel Buds 2: Sound

Here comes the best part, whenever you adjust the volume of the earbuds by yourself, Adaptive Sound will temporarily get disabled so as to avoid altering the changes. This comes more into use while listening to the voice. Google, on the other hand, claimed the Pixel Buds 2 to have custom-designed 12mm drivers that will improve the depth of the sound. Still, you shouldn’t expect it to be better in terms of Bass. And somehow, the reduced bass is noticeable when you’ve come across other wireless earbuds in the market.

And yeah, you cannot connect it to two devices at once like Jabra’s 75t. However, Pixel Buds 2 works very well in diminishing the effect of background noise when you’re in the middle of a conversation.


Overall, Google’s Pixel Buds 2 has made a long way to the path of improvement as compared to its predecessor. With everything being proper; from comfortability to its design, this thing is a noteworthy development. On the flip side, there is no trouble concerning its compatibility with smartphones. All its features are easily accessible on the devices running on Android 6 Marshmallow or any higher versions. So, if you’re contemplating buying wireless earbuds, you can definitely opt for this second-generation Pixel Buds without giving a second thought.