Google Maps will Now Support Apple Watch


Google has improved its apps significantly. Apple is on the same path since it launched Apple watch as well. Apple users are always fond of Google maps but if you are using Apple’s device then your Apple app is the only way to see the directions and maps. A new update has been launched by Apple that supports Google Maps on the iOS platform and it even supports Apple Watch.

At the time of opening Google Maps on your Apple Watch, you will see two options which will show you the direction of your home and workplace (already set on Google Account). This new app is smart but it is a very minimalistic way to use the Apple Watch. You cannot see the whole map here. You can easily tap and see the directions of the places. If you press the screen of the Apple to watch it will let you swap between driving, transit directions, walking, etc. If you choose any direction or map on your Apple phone that you can easily see that on your apple watch as well. This feature will let you see the direction without opening your phone’s screen. As we all know, Google maps are one of the best apps available on every smartphone. Google map works well on android and so apple has developed its apple iOS 9 to a great extent so that it works well.

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This new update has a big change as well. This will let you swap between driving and walking and along with that, it will show you the expected timings to reach the destination. This new feature of smartwatch works well and the three modes of it make it easier to operate and you can choose the way you like to use.

Get this app and you will surely love it.


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