Now, Google Lens Can Copy You Handwriting and Paste


I used to hate taking notes while I was in college days, obviously, every one of us might have had that feeling at one point. Google has made that too easy in the name of Google lens. Google lens is a picture analyzing technology programmed to analyze the images. With that technology, it brings up the relevant information on the identified visual images based on neural networks.

About Google Lens:

Sundar Pichai first announced it during Google I/O in the year 2017. Initially, it was announced as a standalone app. But, it later integrated into Android’s standard camera app that makes our phone even more powerful and efficient. The Machine learning algorithms used in the Google Lens can scan images, text, place, or an object and processes the relevant data.

Some of the important features that Google lens holds are:

  • Translate: It helps with translating different languages when the user just points the camera towards image or object. The AI system recognizes the text and translates it into a language that the user desires to.
  • Discover: This will help to find the user points of interest and activity. And also helps them to discover more about it. Moreover, the features of Google Lens make you know more about the place.
  • Machine Learning: With this advanced AI technology, it’ll be able to learn anything around the user more easily and with better clarity. And also its automatic Wi-Fi connection feature connects to Wi-Fi directly by scanning the SSID (Service Set Identifier).

Moreover, the new feature added to the app will receive applause to many people. Especially by the students around the globe since it allows the user to convert the handwritten phrases to virtual text.

How does it work?

To avail of this new feature of Google Lens, users must have an updated version of the Google Chrome browser and the Google Lens application. Meanwhile, this new version works on gadgets running on iOS and Android platforms. Besides, users must log in with the same account on the computer and as well as in their smartphones. By doing so, they can able to avail of this scanning feature.

When all those aforementioned steps completed, users need to capture the handwritten text using the Google Lens app. Users can copy those handwritten texts by using the updated Google Lens App. Now, users can open Google Docs and paste the copied text that’s it!

Merits of Google lens copy-paste feature:

It helps the user to copy-paste even large handwritten passages into digital text within a few seconds.

In addition to the copy-paste feature, Google is also rolling out a pronunciation tool. Meanwhile, it a tool that highlights a word in the lens and tap the “Listen” button to hear how it’s pronounced.

Demerits of Google lens copy-paste feature:

Consequently, there are some demerits in this feature that is the written phrase should be legible and easily recognizable. Else it will try assuming a word which might get wrong most of the time.

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The user has to sign-in with the same account in the Desktop’s Chrome Web Browser and also on their phone. It doesn’t support any other browsers.

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Whatever the demerits maybe, but it’s still undoubtedly a mind-blowing innovation in this 21st century for every Smartphone user.