Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun



The name “Google” started from an incorrect spelling of “googol which alludes to the number spoke to by pursued by one-hundred zeros. It is changed thereafter as Google. Google LLC is an American worldwide innovative organization that has some expertise in Internet-related administrations. It never failed to impress its customers with innovations. Also, Google Gravity Tricks are among those innovative steps followed by net giants that attracted a lot of people worldwide.

About Google

Google Company is incorporated as a web, based on promoting advances, web indexes, distributed computing, programming, and equipment. Amazon, Apple, and Face book view it as one of the Big Four innovation organizations, close. Larry Page established Google in September 1998 and Sergey Google was then reincorporated in Delaware on October 22, 2002.

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The first sale of stock occurred on August 19, 2004, and Google moved to its home office in Mountain View, California, nicknamed the Google plex. In August 2015, Google is the Alphabet driving auxiliary and will keep on being the umbrella organization for Alphabet’s Internet advantages. Sundar Pichai was delegated CEO of Google,

Google Tricks and Games to Try In Your Free Time! 

Google can be utilized for much something other than scanning for irregular stuff; it can be utilized to kill time! So look at some Google Gravity Tricks like a barrel roll, underwater whenever you have some additional time on your hands!

Well, in an outlook many might have the feel of Google wasting its time. However, when we look in deep these types of little entertaining gigs actually refresh your mind and keep you focused. This stuff is handy for hardcore works, especially those we work in the tech industry.

What is Google Gravity?

The wonderful Google programmed in 2009 through a JavaScript-based Search Engine Tricks, which allows the user to search for every query that the websites linked with it. It is an automatic and timesaving search engine like magic if one accesses through Google Gravity Tricks through a special link. Watch the landing page come slamming down with this stunt.

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Go to the Google landing page and type ‘Google gravity’. Disregard the autosuggestions and press ‘I’m feeling fortunate’. You can toss the pieces around utilizing your mouse! Google Gravity Tricks like Google gravity ensure that you never come up short on activities.

List of Top 12 Google Gravity Tricks That You Love To Witness

Stunt 1: Do a Barrel Roll 

Go to the Google landing page. Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and hit enter. Watch your screen go tumble down dee! In case you are in the mind-set for some additional fun, type ‘do barrel moves multiple times’ and watch your screen, go bonkers.

Stunt 2: Play Pacman 

Pacman is a game everybody cherishes, isn’t that so? Here is how to play it on your program. On the Google, landing page type ‘Pacman’ and hit enter. Snap-on ‘Snap here to play’ and you are finished! One of the cool Google deceives that we love; this one is very fun as well.

Stunt 3: You Can Go and Play With Any Of The Google Doodles

Think you miss a doodle you adored. You can return and play with any of the Google doodles Google has ever constructed! Presently there are some Google stunt games that we as a whole love! Snap here to see them all.

Stunt 5: Atari Breakout 

The pictures in your Google search can change into a square breaker game. Go to the Google landing page and type ‘Atari breakout’. At that point, go to pictures and snap on the principal picture. Viola! Your game will begin. You are cherishing these cool Google stunts, right?

Stunt 6: Flip a Coin 

For every one of the occasions that you do not have a coin and you have to flip one, utilize this stunt. Go to the Google landing page, type ‘Flip a coin’, and press enter. What better approach to flip a coin? Extravagant some more Google stunts games to have at your disposal.

Stunt 7: Zero Rush 

When you type zerg surge in Google search, a column of zeros will hit your screen. Snap-on them to crush them, supposing that you do not they will gobble up the entirety of your indexed lists! *Wicked*

Stunt 8: Google Sphere 

On the Google, landing page type ‘Google circle’ and press ‘I’m feeling fortunate’. In two or three seconds, the constituents of the page will take the state of a moving circle! Presently, this is one of the Google game deceives makes all the viewers fall completely love on it.

Stunt 9: Google Pirate 

Do you like privateers, affirmative, matey? This one is so cool! Go to the Google landing page, type ‘Google privateer’, and hit ‘I’m feeling fortunate’. Google will begin showing everything in privateer lingo. Look at the pink plot parcel in the picture. Presently these are the cool Google deceives that make the web index so magnificent to utilize.

Stunt 10: Google Mirror 

Transform everything into a perfect representation. Go to the Google landing page, type ‘Google mirror’ and hit ‘I’m feeling fortunate’. The mirror reflects on the program, who is the most subtle of all? Could Google show signs of improvement with its cool Google stunts?

Stunt 11: The Walk To Mordor 

Presently this one is for every one of the aficionados of Lord of the Rings. Open Google Maps and type to get headings from ‘The Shire’ or ‘Rivendell’ to ‘Mordor’, and Google will give you a course (Complete with notice signs, as you may already know.

Stunt 12: Google Tilt

In this trick, the net giant Google manages to tilt its search engine web page in a tilted position. Well, all those search results and images will be displayed in a tilted position. To experience this popular Google Gravity Tricks, one needs to type ‘TILT’ in the Google search engine and hit the enter button.


Presently you recognize what Google landing page deceives you need to stress over whenever you locate some additional time on your hands. Google is great and people say it is a verb instead of a noun. For every query of unknown things, we do Google. Google it and you will get. When small challenges and bet between friends the judge is Google. Internet users cannot think about any subject without Google. Among the search engine, it has taken a share of 94% leaving Yahoo and Bing engines much behind.

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Google Gravity Tricks has ushered a new era for every people using the internet without barriers (except China) throughout the world. Just a minute from now, two of the Google director has resigned from Google. The reason is not known yet but Sunder Pichai has taken additional load for him unless the matter resolved. Whoever may resign from Google, it is going at such a pace it will remain as Google only. People will not accept any other Search Engine when Google is there.

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