Google Duo App with Group Calling Feature


Google Duo App:  In this quarantine, it really sucks once we see our friends posting the snaps of video chat leaving us. And for business people, it becomes so hard for them to do business meetings with their colleagues. If we ask them they’re going to be giving lame excuses like the app doesn’t support quite 10 participants. Meanwhile thinking of the truth they’re right, it’s not them who leave us back it’s the applications which set back us.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had lead many tech giants to be more innovative. Video chatting is one such innovation that many tech giants start to create or modify the existing applications. Ever since ZOOM video chat app started to popularize around the globe. Top companies including Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple, and so follow the same path. Now, Google too stepped into it.

Here comes news of Google which is gonna release the new features of allowing 32 participants in its video chat application Google duo at a time.

Popular Video Chat Applications and the number of participants it allows:

Facetime Probably the foremost popular video chatting app in the current app market. By using the Facetime app, users can do video chats to individuals or groups of up to 32 people at a time.

Skype one of the old and popular video calling applications that everyone knows very well. Users can utilize the Skype video calling features in two versions, paid and free. Also, the Skype application can be availed for both desktop and as well as a Smartphone.

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Zoom is particularly useful for those who work from home or for taking online classes. By using this Video Meet App ZOOM users can able to connect up to 100 peoples at a time. Nevertheless, this feature can be availed on the basic free version of ZOOM.

Besides the aforementioned applications, several other apps are user friendly and popular, and Google duo is one of them. Each application has its Pros and Cons.

Expected Google Duo Features:

With the motive of improving its video calling more seamlessly, Google’s planned to update its Google Duo. And the update will include several new features that will surprise the users. Many of the features are only available on Google Duo the opposite video chat application lagged to try.

The tech giant Google planned to update its video chatting app Google Duo by increasing the limit of group video members from 8 to 12. The upcoming feature is to assist people to stay connected. Meanwhile, video calling could be the best way to practice social distancing in the near future.

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Again it’s getting to increase the number of participants within the group video call from 12 to 32 members. And a few of the upcoming features are which can let the user form video calls via the web without a standalone app.

Besides Google Duo will feature with the “Family Mode” that allows being interconnected with family always. Also, the Family Mode feature includes several packages similar to the Snapchat effects and features. ‘Family Mode’ can be availed by the users who are login with their Google account on their gadgets.

Drawbacks of other video chatting applications:

  • Facetime: FaceTime is merely available between users of Apple devices, so a number of your friends could also be overlooked.
  • Skype: It requires users to pay a normal fee for doing telephone calls. Besides, users cannot avail of security features like the encryption while doing Skype calls.
  • Zoom: ZOOM allows its users to make video calls for a limited time frame up to 40 minutes under its basic free plan. It requires a paid version to make video chatting without time restrictions.


For the past few weeks, albeit we haven’t seen many of our loved ones face to face, we’re still keeping in-tuned. Daily catch-ups with mom, weekend happy hours with friends, a birthday celebration with people. Truly! These modern video chat apps allow people to interlink even they live anywhere. Let’s wait and see how this updated Google Due receives the response from its users worldwide.