Google Allo VS WhatsApp Which one is better For You?

Currently, there are several messaging app for both Android and iOS devices, including Facebook, Hike, Google Hangouts, Line, etc. Especially WhatsApp download has become one of the prevailing trends which people do after buying a new phone. However, Google Allo and Whatsapp remain on the top of all messaging apps. But people also like to know which one better comparing Google Allo and Whatsapp.

Many people have already proclaimed Google Allo as a killer of Whatsapp. But some people are unable to decide which one is better. Well, let me help you out in this regard.

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Comparison between Google Allo and WhatsApp:

Similar to WhatsApp, Google Allo also offers you with the standard feature which every messaging apps offer. It provides you with features including the ability to send and receive text messages, voice messages, Voice call, video calls, group chats, and also capacity to share media files. But there are some extra features which Google Allo offers you that lack on traditional messenger WhatsApp.

Google Allo Vs Whatsapp

Check out the additional features of Google Allo below:


Google Allo brings you with lots of attractable stickers, which actually does not exist in WhatsApp. Allo features a stickers store, where you can download if you are in need of more stickers.

Whisper or Shout Message

Allo does not provide a feature to format text; however, it added outstanding features for whisper and shout. This feature is amazing and indicates an ability to increase or decrease the size of your text.

Incognito Chat

Google Allo also offers an incognito chat mode functions. This feature indicates a self-destruction timer and avoids messages and notification which are usually seen.

Smart Reply

The Smart Reply features really make Google Allo be on the top of WhatsApp. Smart Reply features is an intelligent reply suggestion, which suggests to a photo or a text. It recognizes the receive photo or text and suggests accordingly, how to reply back to it.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best features that Allo provides. This feature is not available on WhatsApp, so its really disappointing for WhatsApp users. You can utilize this feature to achieve different result including, flight info, weather info, translate languages, news, navigate, nearby places, and lot more. Besides that, you can also utilize it to set your alarm as well.

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Missing Features of WhatsApp on Google Allo

As you have come to know what features do Google Allo offers that lacks on WhatsApp. Now its time for you to view the missing features of WhatsApp on Google Allo. In my research, I have found that they are many useful features of WhatsApp which are missing on Google Allo.

Check out some missing features of Google Allo compared to WhatsApp.


Google Allo does not offer you a calling feature as WhatsApp does. The calling feature of WhatsApp is just amazing, holding ability to make a call using Wi-Fi connection, and any other internet connection.

Last Seen, Status Update

Google Allo lacks to provide you a last seen feature of WhatsApp. Last seen feature is helpful when you like to know when someone is last seen on online. Google Allo also lack to provide a Status Update feature which let you knows what’s happening with you of late.

Share Files and Text Formatting

Featuring Media Sharing, Whatsapp also enables you to share documents, Presentations, PDF files, and Spreadsheets, but Allo allows you to share also location and media files.

Backup Support

Allo does not provide any backup features like WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides you a backup features, where you can backup your chat on iCloud and Google Drive.


Comparing on the security of WhatsApp and Google Allo, I find Whatsapp has a better security between the two messaging apps. WhatsApp only share contacts and mobile user numbers, whereas the features of Allo like Smart reply and Assistant will obtusely let others view your messages.

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Final Words on Google Allo VS WhatsApp …

Comparing Google Allo and WhatsApp I found WhatsApp as the better one. The calling features of WhatsApp really impressed me, and I felt secure using WhatsApp rather than Google Allo.

This is only my view point. In case, if you like to use features like Whisper or Shout messages, stickers, Smart reply, Incognito Chat and Google Assistant then you can go for using Google Allo rather than WhatsApp.

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