It is widely accepted that the apple app store is the best app store amongst all platforms, owing to high versatility and top-notch apps. While the windows and android platforms are hot in pursuit to develop an equally enticing app collection, the apple store is the best place to find genuinely interesting and effective applications of all genres. One issue that many users report is the lack of free applications in apple. There is a large scale demand to get Paid iPhone apps for free. If you are among these, your prayers are about to be answered. Read on to know more about iPhone paid apps that have been made available for free by the developers.

Here is the list of paid iPhone apps for free that you must download right away

System Monitor

This is one of the gems of the apple store and ought to be grabbed immediately before they start charging the standard $1 again. Amongst all offered paid iPhone apps for free, system monitor is the best performance enhancement application. It gives you complete information regarding various processes, battery life, memory usage and space occupied on your iPhone. This allows you to optimize your phone’s performance and make it last longer without cutting back on your most used functions.

Monster Math 2 Multiplayer

This is an app that challenges all those conservatives who believe smart phones are counterproductive to learning. When loading paid iPhone apps for freeon your phone, be sure to include monster math 2 multiplayer. This game includes 4 unique modes with different activities involving math but in the form of an exciting game. Parents and teachers can choose between different levels of difficulty ranging from grade 1 to grade 5 maths. An app that will keep math interesting and your child motivated to learn it throughout their early schooling; it is normally priced at $3 but has been made available for free temporarily.

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Alien Sky

Amongst the plethora of photo editing applications out there, Alien Sky sets itself apart by being unique in function and flawless in performance. So when you look for paid iPhone apps for free, make sure not to miss this one. Alien Sky basically allows you to add objects of your choice to pictures which have the sky in them. So you clicked a really good snap of the sunrise when you went hiking the last time? Make this picture phenomenal by adding esoteric space objects and realistic celestial bodies. Normally offered at $3, the developer has temporarily offered Alien Sky for Free.

CLZ Music

Finding a free application to download music from is quite difficult irrespective of the platform you use. However, in this sale offering paid iPhone apps for free, there exists an app that will help you do exactly that! CLZ Music is normally offered at $15 to the app store users but is being offered free of cost for a very limited period of time. Using this application, you can download songs, full albums, lists and cover art  all without paying a fee. Additionally, it allows you to search for songs by scanning CD barcodes. More than 30,000 users are testament to its immense popularity.

The Mesh

Yet another game that involves mathematics, the Mesh is an application that truly introduces you to a new way of looking at and working with numbers. Of all the Paid iPhone apps for free, this is probably the one with maximum popularity. The Mesh has been a market-leader in over 30 countries as of date. Characters and sets are unlocked through progress in the game which keeps you motivated to move on at every stage. Refresh your math skills and have loads of fun doing it when playing The Mesh.


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