What the Hack Is 4 Reasons to Get a VPN Today


In an age where privacy seems to be gone and personal data is anything but personal, more and more people are looking to protect their online identity and activity. It’s not just the constant fear that Big Brother is watching, but fearful over their assets.

Around 1 in every 15 people has had their identity stolen in their life and plenty of that is coming online. It can be hard to remember the number of places that have your credit card information from some order a long time ago.

While there is no perfect solution to protecting yourself online, one of the best ways to help your online safety is by investing in a VPN.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a step many are taking to protect their online activity and keep their accounts safe.

Skipping as much of the tech mumbo-jumbo as possible, a VPN is a private internet connection between your tablet, computer, phone, etc. to an internet server. Imagine it as a tunnel cutting through a mountain that only you have access to. No one else can merge in the tunnel, see who is in the tunnel, see how fast you’re going, or see what kind of car you have.

It’s a way to browse privately without having to worry about prying eyes. A VPN, however, does not make you invincible nor does it protect you from things such as viruses or malware. That’s what your computer’s anti-virus software is for.

Get a VPN

Besides the basic security positives, why else should you get a VPN?

It Makes Browsing Public WIFI Safe

It’s hard to find a place that doesn’t offer its own form of WIFI. Years ago, it seemed only trendy cafes like Starbucks were offering free WIFI to patrons but now? It’s everywhere!

This is both great and terrible at the same time. It’s great because it saves you data and makes downloading a movie from Netflix incredibly easy. It’s terrible because these networks have almost zero security.

That’s why you should never log into anything sensitive when it comes to public WIFI networks. No social media, no bank accounts, and even no Netflix. That’s because anyone on that network could see what you’re doing and access your information. It’s always a big risk.

With a VPN, you’re setting up your own private connection within the network meaning that you don’t have to worry about prying eyes. That zero amount of security just got upgraded to 100%.

Be Anywhere in the World

With a VPN, you can be just about anywhere in the world. No, it’s not going to help you travel around with ease but it will help take your internet location to anywhere in the world.

Why is this important? For a few reasons, but the biggest is you’re not limited to your physical location when you’re trying to watch your favorite show. Many streaming services have geographical limitations on what you can and cannot watch depending on where you are in the world, but having a VPN removes those restrictions. You’ll be able to watch whatever you want wherever you want.

Comparing Purchases

Thanks to hundreds of types of currency, prices for certain items are different all around the world. One item may be 500 Euros here but 400 dollars somewhere else.

This is especially helpful when it comes to shopping for items on your travel agenda, such as hotels, car rentals, or flight reservations. Changing your location around means that you can compare the best prices for the same item.

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Sometimes, these items may be quite similar in price by doing simple math with currency conversions but other times they can differ vastly.

Make sure you are looking from your departing city as well as your destination city to see if there are any price differences. It may only save you 50 bucks, but that’s money that you can now use for a night out on the town!

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They’re Inexpensive

You’d think with so many security and other benefits that a VPN would be an expensive add-on, but the truth is VPNs are pretty affordable. Many run between $4-7 per month, a small cost for making sure you’re protected.

Additionally, they can be added onto multiple devices meaning you don’t have to buy a separate VPN for every device that you own.