Geofencing and Its Effects on Your Business


Geofencing – have you heard the word? Most probably you have, but seemingly unaware of what it is. Well, it is how your mobile phone is identified when it enters a particular area. The concept is used by a host of businesses around making the customized offers to the customers. The Geofencing can be quite helpful for your business and we will check out the effects of geofencing on your business.

Geofencing – An Overview

Geofencing is a technology used to fence off the mobile phones or the RFID tags whenever your mobile phone enters or exits a particular area. The boundaries are created by means of geofencing technology.

You may have noticed that whenever you enter a particular area, a Facebook app on your phone lets you know that one of your friends is nearby. Or when you enter a particular area of a historical monument, you receive a pop up indicating your possibilities of exploring the surrounding areas. Technically defined, Geofencing is a technology that uses RFID or GPS technology so that a virtual boundary is created around a location. This ensures that a response is triggered whenever a mobile device enters or exits the place. The technology makes use of a host of technologies, prime among them being GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data.

How does it work?

Well, geofencing can be used for a host of applications. That would make it evident that it does have a lot of possibilities. There are in-house applications like a company keeping track of the field employees and their whereabouts or a research firm monitoring the entry and exit of people from a particular boundary.

Use of geofencing involves establishing the fencing of an area through the use of RFID and GPS software. The basic principle would be to draw a circle on Google maps and constitute virtual fencing. Whenever you enter or exit the particular area, a response is triggered.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

If you are into online marketing or otherwise, Geofencing can indeed be quite helpful for your needs. You can make use of the technology for enhancing your business by huge margins, and possibly a better advertising opportunity than that used by traditional modes. There are several companies like Radar that can assist you in creating the geofencing products. In fact, the company helps you build the world-class geofencing products and make the best use of the technology to improve your customer base.

Some of the advantages and technologies you stand to use include

Location Based Advertising

The best performance of the location-based advertising has many benefits. In fact, that would be something that can be helpful in providing highly localized and targeted ads. The technology can bring a less number of clicks, but the ones you get would be of high quality and better returns.

This can work as a means of social media advertising as well. The successful strategy for improving the performance of location-based advertising would be making the best use of Near Me feature. The service works through the opt-in mode and the best ways to achieve it are Mobile App, paid search and social media ads. Radar helps you achieve this by means of proprietary Urban Airship integration technology.

Asset Management

Geofencing can also be helpful in managing your assets in a positive way. For instance, if you are a fleet owner, you can get the alerts for the trucks leaving and entering a geofenced area. This can aid in preventing the unauthorized usage or theft of your assets.

You can also make use of the alerts feature to avoid the paper-based time tokens. If you have a lot of offsite workers, they can be kept track of through the geofencing. Ability to oversee the movement of your workers and assets during the working hours should be one of the excellent opportunities that would save you time and money. Radar Segment is what you help you immensely in this exercise.

Compliance And Safety

The Geofencing technology can be actively made use of for the compliance with government regulations and guidelines. You can make use of the technology to monitor the turnaround times of your assets and pinpoint the areas that show poor performance. This feasibility can be quite helpful if you are in the transport and logistics business.

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Radar has been analyzing thousands of locations on a daily basis and thus has been capable of learning from user behavior. These capabilities go a long way in supplementing the geofencing capabilities that Radar has been offering and thus offer a completely contextual experience when it comes to handling your tasks.

In Conclusion

Geofencing has been one of the best options to enhance your business performance. The technology is here to stay and has been covering a wide range of services and applications. Apart from the logistics industry that we took up as a special use case, it can find wider application in several other areas that may include shipping and dairy to name a few. So much so that the Geofencing technology has even been used in the Drones.

You can even set boundaries for the flights or airplanes so that they can be tracked and monitored to avoid the restricted areas like mountains and government buildings. However, we would advise you to choose the Geofencing service wisely. Ability to create custom geofences and user-friendly functionality can be the most important aspects so that you would not need any additional staff or experts to manage it. Opting for the services of professional geofencing service providers like Radar can render your performance and experiences to a new height.

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