The Most Genuine Review on Movavi Screen Capture

Pictures / selfie are ruling currently in the industry.In the same way taking screenshots ( Screen Capture )has become an indispensable useful for most people  screen capture seems to be heading in the same direction. Once predominantly used by video content creators, it is now popular among online game streamers, businesses, tech support, and really anyone with cause to record video footage from their screen at some point or other (so almost everyone, really).

It should be no surprise that there are several apps and software that catering to it  and Movavi Screen Capture is one such software.

Movavi Screen Capture- A Lightweight Screen Capture App

While many screen capture tools nowadays come loaded with tons of features dealing with other related areas such as video editing, Movavi Screen Capture is a lightweight software that focuses on one thing: Capturing the video.

That focus allows it to place everything important within easy reach something that is evident as soon as you launch the software. From within the main recording area, you will be able to control almost all aspects of how you choose to record your screen.

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Allows you to fully control the screen capture settings

By setting the region that you want to capture, choosing the audio source, and selecting the frame rate  you will be able to record exactly the video that you need.

Intuitive interface and simple controls

The interface of the software makes it easy to use, with clearly defined buttons and icons that will allow you to control the recording settings. It also has intuitive controls, for example, you can resize the capture frame just as you would do a normal window.

Can record keyboard and mouse actions

One of the nicest features of the software is its ability to record keyboard and mouse actions. It can be set up to display keys that are pressed on screen, so that they can be captured, and will also allow you to highlight the mouse cursor and set up a custom click sound.

Supports multiple formats and includes presets

When the recording is done you ll have no shortage of formats that you can save it as, and quite a number of helpful presets that could be handy if you are not sure which format to pick.

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Limited additional features

Due to its lightweight and focused nature, Movavi Screen Capture does not include many of the other features that are often baked into the software of its type  such as video editing. It is worth noting that the expanded version of the software (Movavi Screen Capture Studio) does include these features and more.

Frame rate can be (a little) more difficult to locate

The one setting in the software that can be difficult to locate is the frame rate. Arguably that isnt so important for average users, but it may still be a sticking point for some.

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As a lightweight and tightly focused screen recording software, Movavi Screen Capture does what it sets out to do extremely well. Its limited additional features mean that it is a software better suited to quick and easy screen capture than for producing content to a professional standard, but is a great entry-level software.

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