Games Like Agario – Similar and Alternative Games


Games Like Agario, commonly referred to as Agario, is a simple and powerful multiplayer game that has been immensely popular. Akin to another game that we have grown with  Nokia Snake  Agario is started with a tiny cell.

You will grow it in size by gobbling up other smaller cells. You just need to swallow the smaller cells or even bigger ones to grow bigger, at the same time  saving yourself from the bigger ones from swallowing you.

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The unprecedented success of the game has induced many games that are similar to Agario. Good for the gamers out there  if you too are one of those who are looking for games like Agario, this article is specifically meant for you.Here are our top five picks for the games like Agario. We assume that the list would appeal to the die-hard gamers out there.

Top Five Games Like Agario  A Perfect Alternatives List

The success of Agario has inspired a lot of copycats. If you search for games like Agario, you end up with hundreds of different games beckoning you. Not all of them live up to your expectations. That is exactly why we set out to find the browser games like Agario that are genuine enough. will remind you of the age-old, yet nostalgic Nokia Snake game. It has indeed been considered to be a combination of Agario and Nokia Snake.

Your œsnake goes on eating the colorful orbs on its way, thereby growing in size. And yes, your snake to gets colorful in the process. The multiplayer game lets the players trick each other into colliding with one another. This will cause the snake to dissolve back into the constituent orbs, thereby giving the opponents a chance to grow in size by gobbling them up.

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From the graphics point of view, is more advanced than Agario. It does load up faster and lets you play it with ease. The game is available both on Android and iOS. It is free to play a game that offers you a massive multiplayer functionality. A good candidate for the games like Agario.

Just like Agario, your objective is to eat up cells and grow in size. The 2D game is has a massively multiplayer functionality and deserves to be included in the games like the Agario list.

Developed by Freakinware Studios, the game has the same gameplay that you would see in Agario. You can choose between the four modes of play Free-to-play, Capture the Flag, Random Team, and Guilds War. It also offers you other features like trajectory attack and splitting. The unique graphical characters within the game make it a little refreshing option for those looking for Agario alternatives. brings in the fun element to the fore in this contender to the top spot among the Agario like games.

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War In Space

The war in Space is a unique game in itself. An Agario like a game that combines the concept of high-end warfare games within, it has the action set up in space.

To begin with, you have a weak spaceship. Your aim is to go on collecting scrap, which is part of the dead enemies. These scraps can be used to buy ship upgrades or ammunitions. It is not exactly like the game of Agario in the strict sense of the word. However, you grow your ship in size and powers as the case may be.

War In Space can be a highly addictive and multiplayer game that can meet your needs for games like Agario on PC. There are several strategic depths that make it a good choice for Agario fans. The graphics are a treat and step ahead of Agario. Worth trying if you are a fan of Agario and Warfare games.


Osmos is a cool arcade game that was introduced several years before Agario came into being. Though it has the same gameplay as on Agario, it adds up physics-based game strategies for adding more charm.

There are time warps and other specialized dynamics. The sound track is quite minimalistic. The physics-based strategies introduce awesome graphics. It is indeed worth your efforts if you are looking for a game like Agario. Osmos comes under the Arcade and Puzzle genre and offers you an addictive game play. The background that has an amazing ambient world makes it a great choice you can go with.

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This is yet another good inclusion to the list of games like Agario. A perfect amalgamation of Agario and, it offers you great gameplay that is both amazing and addictive.

The concept remains the same eat and get bigger. Even then, that sets it apart from similar games is the huge deal of special power-ups. These power-ups introduce newer styles and additional functionalities. There are several obstacles you need to steer clear of if you want to keep playing the game.

However, the pace of the game is not faster enough. However, the addictive nature of compensates for it.

The Concluding Thoughts

That would conclude our top five picks for the games like Agario. However, we would not claim that this is an exclusive list. There are several games that can be equally able contenders for the Toppers position. Agario, by any standard, is a trendsetter for the time killer addictive games.

Thus, apart from the ones we have featured in the above paragraphs, there are several other games that vie for attention. Some of them can be Cosmic Crush, and

Are you a fan of any other games like Agario? If you think we have missed any honorable mentions that this list should have included, you can let us know about them. We would definitely update our list if we find your recommendations are indeed worth it.