7 Cool Gadgets and Accessories for Motorbikes


The open sky, bright sunny day, and cool breeze these are the things which an adventurer yearns for. What else do adventurers love! Cruising down a long empty freeway on their motorbikes. Motorcycles are not only for just adventure ride but also for daily commuting as they are fuel efficient as compared to the four-wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles save much time depending upon traffic and comparatively have a less adverse effect on pollution. Whether you’re a casual biker, a daily commuter, or adventurer rider, go for the right gear as it can make a huge difference in your journey whether in the city or out on a voyage.

Ultimate Bike Helmets

As far as your precious life is concerned, always use a helmet, do not make it a death ride. Your safety should be your priority. Helmets are necessary for bikers. Usually, people think that the use of helmets is to protect the head in case of an accident, but technology has never failed to surprise us. Innovation is nothing less than amazing. We could never have thought that helmets can also be this much different now, for instance, smart ultimate bike helmets. They are the world’s smartest motorcycle helmets, which have a 180-degree rearview camera, voice control, with smart connectivity.

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GPS Bike Computer

This wireless device is a wonder among aftermarket motorcycle parts. This system connects with your smartphone easily for you to set up data fields, track performance, and customize profiles. It keeps you aware of the following things:

  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Power
  • Heart rate
  • Distance
  • Time
  • temperature
  • Turn by turn directions

Turn by turn directions help you reach your destination easily without any waste of time. It has USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Anti-Pollution Mask

Anti-pollution masks help in keeping you safe from the continually increasing pollution, especially in big cities. These masks filter out the pollutants easily found in the atmosphere of big cities, and it has two exhalation valves which are used to filter:

  • Unwanted heat
  • Humidity
  • Hazardous gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Waterproof Bike Covers

Another thing you must need to keep your motorcycle safe and dust free is waterproof bike covers. Covers are essential for maintaining your two-wheeled vehicle in good condition. No matter what the weather is, waterproof bike covers keep your vehicle safe and undamaged in case of severe weather conditions.

Commute Backpack

If you are a commuter, backpacks are a must-have accessory. These backpacks provide durable storage, an inexpensive and comfortable harness for the consumer. Making travels on a two-wheeled vehicle easy and secure.

Smart Halo

Smart halo is a discreet and stylish device with advanced features. This gadget tracks your fitness goals, it guides you around, and it acts as an anti-theft alarm. Connected with your smartphone, it notifies you with incoming calls and texts and forecasts the weather for you.

Ride Power Charger

If you have gadgets for your motorcycle, you will have to charge them as well. Ride power charger is a harness that connects directly to your battery and keeps it charged. For instance, if your phone is about to die, the power ride charger will help you charge it so that you will not go out of touch with your friends and family.

To sum up with, your motorcycle represents you and if you are a zealous rider, equip your bike with aftermarket accessories in addition to the motorcycle OEM parts. Adding these gear and gadgets adds an enjoyable element to your bike as well as help you to be safe. Riding a bike is fun and adventure, as they are breathtakingly fast but again, your safety should be your priority. Make your ride an exciting and yet a safer experience by accessorizing it with a above-discussed gadgets.