Future of Indian App Market: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


If we go by the current scenario, perhaps the Indian mobile app scenario has been going through a huge development. In fact, it appears unstoppable, what with the focus on the mobile phone reach to the last possible mile. The fact that the mobile internet users have grown by over 65 percent over the past year should stand proof to the bright future that the Indian app market is poised for.

So, what does the future hold?

The future looks bright, but there are a few reasons that have been making it hold back a little. If the app developers and the telecom operators can address these issues, it can be one of the best options to go with and offers a bright option for increased revenue.

Let us examine a few challenges faced by the mobile app industry from the Indian context.

The Network issues

The network inconsistency can be one of the major issues you may be worried about. More than 20 percent of the Indian mobile users face slow speeds when it comes to internet access.  It should be noted that some apps can be useful only when they are connected to the network and offer seamless surfing.

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While this is an area that the network operators need to come with a solution for, even the app developers can address this issue to some extent. Equipping your apps with an ability to adjust to the bandwidth issues and working even under slower speeds can help you stay afloat even in those areas where you may be facing weaker connectivity. The initiatives like Facebook Lite, Google Go and similar options can be cited as a few good examples from this perspective. Indian developers may also need to pay attention to this requirement.

Localized Content

The content localization is yet another feature that can help the Indian app market to prosper further ahead. Localization should be applied both at the language and the content level. If you are able to offer services in multiple Indian languages, it can work wonders in getting more subscribers and users onboard and go for better revenue.

Apps like Newshunt and Addachats can be a good example of this perspective. While Newshunt helps you get more subscribers by offering news and other related content in the local and native language of the users, Addachats is on the way to becoming one of the prominent social media networks you can go with for a completely Indianized content.

Indian App Market

These apps are available in multiple Indian languages, and that should ideally make it an exceptional initiative. Addchats specifically helps you share your photos, videos and other content with friends, family or even with strangers across India or even your region. The app supports over 8 Indian languages, and we expect the support to be launched for a few more languages soon.

Online-program.org has kept AddaChats on its list of 5 Best Social Media apps for Indian users, and this is quite deserving of this app since it is more of a Desi app for social networking.

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The Zombie Effect

A majority of Indian smartphone users are dependent upon the phones with lower specifications. These low-end devices suffer from issues like lower storage or lower processing power. This will force the users to uninstall the app if they feel bored with it to make room for new or other apps that they think useful.

If you do not want your app to be zombified, the best option should be to keep your app interesting enough. This will ensure that your app will stay on the phone even when the users face storage issues. You should also pay attention to the fact that making your apps more resource-friendly so that they will not hog the limited resources that a low spec phone comes with. However, the availability of low-cost smartphones in India has been able to make the capable phones being available at a lower price and thus may be helpful in addressing the zombie effect to a greater extent.

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So What will the future be?

Well, like we already stated, the Indian app market has several excellent features available for the discerning users. If they can take care of a few issues that may plague the Indian smartphone users – a couple of them have been discussed in the above discussion – we do not see any major issues affecting the burgeoning app market for the Indian developers.

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Focussing on the local market, local content and local language should be one of the prominent steps you can take to handle the situation in an effective manner.