Full Glass iPhone 7 design Got More Realistic


We understand that it is way too early to talk about the upcoming iPhone 7 design. As we have seen that many rumors are already flying around the web about next iPhone. Many rumors are also suggesting that the iPhone 7 will have all-glass design. This news was leaked by the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo somewhere around in March.

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As per Mr. John Gruber, he has the good number of contacts and thus he came to know that there are chances that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have full glass design. He shared this at in his podcast at The Talk Show. He also said that the edge of the phone to edge would be covered with a glass. He has also given a hint that the home button will be integrated into the display itself.

But since all these things are rumors, we can’t confirm and say about the design. As we know Apple well, Apple never let the people down, and they always did the best to meet the rumors in the past as well. We will only be able to share the correct news when we will see the original design of the phone.

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This full glass design of iPhone 7 is looking like to be true. Allen Horng who is the chairman of longtime iPhone Supplier Catcher Technology said that the new iPhone would have a full glass display. Catcher is the chassis designer of iPhone devices for a long time, and thus, we can trust his words.

As per Horng, the iPhone 7 design will have full glass display, but this wont hamper his business because the glass casing needs a good quality metal base which is made of highly advanced processing technology and thus it’s not going to be cheaper than todays.

It might be possible that Horng is telling all these things to us after reading the rumors going on these days because we havent heard anything from Apple yet.

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On the Facebook live last week, we came to know that the design of iPhone will be same as the current. Some more information is given below.

  1. The new iPhone will be the fastest one.
  2. Apple will use its most advanced optics.
  3. You will find at least one new feature that you have never seen on previous iPhone.
  4. It will be made available in Rose Gold color.


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