Fix SSL certificate error on Google Chrome


If you are a regular Google Chrome user, you should be aware of a few error messages it does throw at you. In fact, Google wants its users to have a safer browsing experience, and that is exactly why it takes extreme precautions to secure the interests of the people browsing through it.

Thus, SSL Certificate Error is one of the common errors that may annoy you quite often. This article presents the methods you can use to Fix SSL Certificate error on Google Chrome.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers. Actually, it is an Internet Protocol that helps in protecting your confidential information such as bank account number, password, social security number, credit card details etc. In fact, SSL Certificate is used to establish an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. This encrypted connection ensures site visitors that all data transfer between servers and browsers remain protected.

There are different types of SSL certificates available such as Domain Validation SSL, Organization Validation SSL, Extended Validation SSL, Wildcard SSL, Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL, Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL, and Code Signing certificate. You can buy SSL certificate at the cheapest price of trusted certificate authorities such as Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec, RapidSSL, GlobalSign.

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What is SSL Certificate error?

When a website has an SSL certificate, the data contained in it is encrypted and thus, no one can access it. Google Chrome expects websites to conform to security standards. Therefore, as a means of security, Chrome throws the SSL Certificate error when it encounters even a single mistake on a website. What causes this error? Well, there are several reasons that can cause the SSL Certificate error. However, some of the reasons are

    • System Time is set wrongly.
    • The SSL certificate has expired.
    • The Google Chrome installed on your computer is outdated.
    • The SSL Certificate may not have been signed by the trusted certificate authority.

Method 1:Update the Date and Time

As we stated before, incorrect date and time can cause the SSL Certificate error to pop up. So, updating it to the current date and time can sort out the issue. Here is how you can do it

  • Click on Date And Time on the taskbar.
  • Now click on Change Date and Time Settings
  • Windows 10 users can set Set Time Automatically to On.
  • If you are in any other versions, click on the Internet Time tab. Then, click on Change Settings and then check Synchronise with an Internet Time server option. Please note that you need to select one of the time servers available.
  • Click on OK

That does it.

Method 2: When SSL certificate error  The SSL certificate has expired occurs

it means your website is running with an expired SSL certificate, thus Google Chrome considers the website is Not Secure.

To fix such an SSL error, you need to purchase or renew an SSL certificate online from the trusted provider.

Method 3: Google Chrome installation is Outdated

If you get SSL certificate error Google Chrome is Outdated then it is highly recommended to update latest version of your Chrome browser by click on Customize and control Google Chrome menu at the top-right corner >> help >> About Google Chrome

Method 4- Change the Proxy Settings

Before you can continue with the changes, make sure you clear the browser cache. Once done, follow the steps here below

Launch Chrome and then, go into Settings

Now go into Advanced Settings.

Locate Change Proxy Settings under the Network tab.

Click on the Security tab on the next screen.

Click on  Default Level and then, set it to Medium by moving the slider.

Next, click on the Privacy tab, and use the slider to set it to Medium

Clear data and cache and then relaunch your browser. Check if this fix resolves the issue.

Method 5  Add the site Manually to the Trusted List
If it is a single site or just a handful of them, then it would be a better idea to add these to the list of trusted sites. You can do it manually by following the steps here below

  • Launch Chrome and then, go into Settings
  • Now go into Advanced Settings
  • Click on the Network tab, and then find Change Proxy Settings. Set the slider to Medium as explained in the previous method.
  • Move to the Security tab and then, click on Trusted Sites.
  • Click on Sites. In fact, you should see it just beside the icon of the trusted site.
  • Find the option that says Add this website to the zone.
  • Add the site URL you have been experiencing the SSL error with and then click on Add.
  • Repeat the same procedure to add all the sites you are experiencing the SSL error on.

Now, relaunch Chrome and then, check if the issue has gone.

Some more fixes

Apart from the fixes enlisted in the above paragraphs, you may also check out some more solutions here below.

Method 1  Edit the Target path for Google Chrome
Please note that this is not a permanent fix to sort out the issue you may be facing. We would advise you to use this as only a temporary option to sort out the SSL certificate error.
However, here is how you can go with it

  • Right-click on the Google Chrome icon.
  • Click on Properties
  • Locate the Target option under the Shortcut tab.
  • Add the words ignore-certificate-errors to the target field.
  • Click on Apply to save the settings.

This should do it. Relaunch your Chrome installation and you should be able to see the issue resolved, though temporarily.

Method 2  Clear SSL Status
If the SSL certificate is corrupted, clearing the SSL status can help in resolving the issue in a better way. Thus, you just need to clear the SSL status of your browser.
You can follow the steps here below to achieve this

  • Launch Chrome. Go into Settings.
  • Access Advanced Settings,
  • Locate the Network tab and then, click on Change Proxy Settings. You should see it under the network tab.
  • Now locate the Content tab.
  • Click on Clear SSL State under the Certificates section.
  • This will clear your SSL Status.

This should clear all SSL logs on your phone and the issue you have been should be gone.

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The Final Thoughts

We assume the fixes indicated in the above paragraphs should solve your issue if you are annoyed with the SSL Certificate error on your Chrome. However, please note that the exact fix depends upon the reason that has been causing the error to appear.

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Have you used any of the fixes that have been indicated in the article above? How did you find the fixes working? Do share your views and opinions with us. Your feedback will definitely go a long way in helping our readers sort out the issue of SSL Certificate errors easily on their Google Chrome installation.

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Do you know any other options that our readers can use to get rid of the SSL Certificate error on your computer? If you do, we would welcome you to share your opinions with us.


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