Spotify: Guide to Fix Spotify Error Code 4 & More


eSpotify one of the highly-rated digital musical platforms where one can access a million songs from around the world. Also, the premium version of  Spotify allows its users or members to download their favorite songs to their gadgets.

According to Wikipedia Spotify have more than 271 million users among those 124 million users accessing its premium services by paying. In recent times, Spotify users around the globe facing a unique problem of experiencing Spotify error code 4.

Spotify users across various platforms android, iOS, and even in desktop too facing such problems. In addition, many users are struggling to cancel their premium Spotify account on their mobile phones which they activated on desktop. Meanwhile, here in this article, we are going to elaborate on how to fix Spotify error code 4 and to offer tips on how to cancel Spotify Premium on Android.

What is Spotify Error Code 4?

Unlike other Spotify Errors, this Spotify Error Code 4 directly links to the network connectivity. Nevertheless, this error appears on the Spotify Musical app in both the Android and iOS platforms. Users or members can experience this Spotify Error Code 4 when the musical app not able to connect with the mobile internet connection or wireless internet connectivity for streaming songs.

Ways To Fix Spotify Error Code 4 on Android

Are you one among those Spotify users who facing Spotify Error Code 4 issue even though they connected with the internet? Then you are in the right place. Here we have elaborated on the possible solutions for fixing Spotify Error Code 4 on Android device.

Solution 1: Rebooting Your Phone:

Well, this may be a simple and most effective solution for fixing all kinds of Spotify problems. Instead, by rebooting your phone you can solve other app problems too.

Solution 2: Update Spotify App

Spotify is well known for updating its features every now and then. So it’s better the check whether they released any update for their app in the app store. By updating the app, it may fix the Spotify Error code 4 issues.

Solution 3: Clear Spotify App Cache

There may chance that your app functioning wrongly due to the cache files wrong behavior. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to clear app cache files on a frequent basis. By clearing the Spotify App caches you can solve your Spotify Error code 4 issues.

Solution 4: Uninstall or Reinstall Spotify

Well, this might be the most known way of fixing all kind of Spotify problems by the users across the globe. Just uninstall and reinstall the Spotify App on your Android Phone, this will eliminate almost 95% of the known Spotify Errors including Spotify Error Code 4.

Solution 5: Check the Internet Connectivity

This may sound awkward to some. There are chances where you can’t surf the internet even though you connected with the internet because of the ISP issues. Therefore, if you are done checking with all those solutions listed above and still facing Spotify Error Code 4 issues then make sure you can able to browse with your internet connections.

Solution 6: Clear System Cache

Finally, the clearing system/phone cache using hard reset could be the end option for those facing Spotify Error Code 4 issue after trying all those above-mentioned solutions. Meanwhile, this could be the only option to try if the problem doesn’t lie on the Spotify app itself. With this option, you can wipe the entire cache data of your Android device through the recovery menu.

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How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android?

Spotify Premium membership can be revoked by signing into your Spotify account through a web browser. Check the below-listed steps and follow accordingly to cancel your Spotify Premium on Android

  • Step 1: Open any web browser on your Android mobile and navigate to the Spotify account page by typing the URL
  • Step 2: Use registered email address to login your Spotify Account or “Log in With Facebook” option. If you are using Facebook login option, tap the “Account Setting” button seen right under your profile image. You will be redirected to the Spotify web page.
  • Step 4: Next, on your Spotify page, you can see the “Subscription” button on the sidebar. Tap that button for viewing your subscription and payment details.
  • Step 5: Once you tap that subscription, you will notice the “Change or Cancel” option in the green button. That’s it click that for canceling your Spotify premium subscription.

Once you cancel it, after selecting the same on the confirmation alert box, your Spotify account will turn back to the free version. Consequently, on a free version of Spotify, you can play songs only in shuffle mode.

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Bottom Line    

In recent years, Spotify has accomplished itself as a giant in the app market with a huge number of users and with the high amount of ratings. In addition, it also created a strong community to resolve all those issues faced by its users. I Hope, the above-mentioned details and solutions shared for resolving Spotify Error code 4 issues and for canceling the Spotify Premium account on your Android device. If you have any other options, Please feel free to comment below.