How To Find Hidden Files On Android {Fastest Way}


How to Find Hidden File on Android Smartphone:– If you own an Android device, you will attempt to make it your ultimate device, and the device YOU OWN! What we mean by that is you will not let anyone find what you have installed on your device. Kids typically tend to hide their smartphone activities from their parents and guardians. One of the ways they engage in to achieve this is to conceal the apps or other content. So the question is How to find the hidden files on the Android device?

How To Find Hidden Files On Android Device

We will explain the steps to find the hidden files or apps and other content quickly if you are using an android device.

Why do the kids hide the content?

There are several reasons kids want to hide the content on their devices. One of the main reasons is the fact that they want to be the sovereign user of their devices. Android happens to be the best operating system from that point of view   simply because of its high degree of customizability.

Some of the techniques that the kids use include setting passwords or using unique and misleading folders. But why do they want to hide their content? These can be some of the reasons.

  • They may be using inappropriate content on social media sites. Do remember that it is easy for the kids to share inappropriate content through the internet. They may also be using the offensive that is exactly why they may be hiding the content from you. So it is also not too difficult to Find Hidden Files On Android.
  • They may be hiding the trend of texting, or live streaming. The content may be nasty or offensive.
  • It could be that they are spending time in gaming. There are some games that could be violent. Your kids may not want you to find out the games that they are spending long hours on.

There are several ways you can hide the content on your phone as well you can find the hidden file on android easily. These methods include OS-level settings or third-party applications. How to unhide these apps or any other content? Let us find the ways you can employ to unhide the content on your kid’s phone.

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How to Unhide the Hidden apps and folders on Android?

We may not be able to assure you that the methods listed here can work in every situation. There are several methods you can use to check if your kids (or anyone for that matter) is using any hidden apps on their Android device.

Using the default Android settings

The steps involved are quite simple. You can check the device settings to find the options to enable the apps and folder visibility. Here is how you can find the hidden apps by this method.

  • Go into Setting
  • Choose Apps
  • Now choose the option All

This will list out all the apps that are installed on the target phone. You can choose the application you want to check out.

  • Tap on the application.
  • When the App Info menu appears, tap on the Enable button.

Using File Managers

You can use the default file manager on your Android device, or opt for a third-party file manager app for the purpose. File manager apps can be helpful in finding out the hidden apps, images, videos, and other important files.

You can follow the steps here below

  • Launch the File Manager.
  • Choose the category of the file you want to choose.
  • Alternatively, you can choose All Files
  • Get into the Settings and locate an option to show Hidden Files.
  • Tap on it, and you should get the list of hidden apps as well.

The exact location of the menu items and the Menu options may differ depending upon your device. Refer to the exact settings on your phone. The instructions above are based on a broader perspective.

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Using a third-party app

Well, people may use third-party apps like ShareIt to share the apps and other stuff with their friends. These apps list apps in different categories like Videos, Images, apps, and others.

The file-sharing apps make it easy to categorize the content on the target phone so that they can be easily shared across devices. Just install such apps like Xander or ShareIt on your Android device, and then launch it. You can now go to each category and find the apps and other content no matter whether they are hidden or not.

Use Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an app that is meant to offer better app management on your Android device. You can use it to find all the apps installed on your target Android phone.

Titanium app for Android

The app also lets you uninstall the system apps as well. It offers you perfect control over all your applications. However, please note that removing the system apps can have a grave effect on the performance of your Android device.

Several third-party apps hide the content on an Android but do not let you know what these apps are doing. They may disguise themselves as simple, useful apps instead. For instance, Hide It Pro is an app that can disguise itself as an Audio Manager app. Another app that we regularly use on your phone, GalleryVault hides from being displayed on the application drawer.

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The Final Thoughts

Those are a few ways with which you can find hidden files and another app on your Android smartphone. Please note that the system apps on your phone ( just like those on your desktop, or laptop) are always hidden, and they are extremely important for the proper functioning of your device. Take care while you attempt to delete a system app.

Have you used any of the methods to find hidden files on android, we have featured above? If yes, we would love to lend our ear to the feedback from your end. Do you have any other tools which help you find hidden files on your Android? We would welcome you to share your ideas with us.


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