Email for Marketing for Getting Click To Your Blog


Email marketing has become a very popular means of reaching a huge range of customers even through your blog. However, there is a high possibility that a reader might not move ahead of email reading and end up deleting it. Thus, the desired action from the customer might not be achieved. It is very important to draft an attractive email to compel the users to buy the product or avail the services.

Now, the question arises how to tackle email marketing? What actually is desired to attract the customers? How should your email look like? Or what should your email contain? And many such questions. Do not worry, here we come with the list of ways to tackle email marketing for your blog.

Following are the few features of an Email for Marketing that would enable you to get clicks through to your blog:

1.      Make the Content Conversational

Create quality content which continuously updates the customers coming to your blog. The viewer should be willing to read and stay on your blog. Also, blogging contributes to SEO. Thus, you can use keyword research and many such SEO tools to obtain a good range of audience. Also, one can use creative tools like infographics, videos, brief case studies, etc. to enable customer to process information quickly.

2.      Send Relevant Content for People to Open your Email

You need to analyse what the particular customer actually desires to read. Also, the email shall be forwarded to the right target audience. This would compel people to open and read the email. The content shall be relevant, valuable and interesting. You can also send email to your list and include one or two sentences relevant to the post on your blog and add a link of your blog directing the reader to your blog. You can also hire an expert to satisfy your content needs.

3.      Attractive opt-in-forms

The opt-in-forms shall be well designed which would attract customers. When the user visits your blog, he shouldn’t be prompted with opt-in form immediately. He should be given enough time such that he should be encouraged to opt-in when prompted with the form. Also, the opt-in form should have a creative, clear and descriptive headline.

4.      Give a personalized subject line

It’s a world of personalization. The customer might get attracted more towards a personalized subject line of the email and tends to open the email. A creative subject line might prove to be great entry gate for the viewers to read more and more at your blog.

5.      Attractive Email Signature

When you are using email marketing you tend to reach a lot of people through emails. You can have a creative email signature which compels the reader to click through to your blog.You can also add a brief attractive description of your blog in the email to give the viewer an overview of what he would get to read on your blog.

6.      Target your Audience Well

Of course, targeting the right audience shall be the basic requirement of your email marketing. If you send irrelevant emails to your viewer, he might land up unsubscribing your emails rather than proceed to your blog. Hence, make sure the target audience is well segmented.

7.      Compelling Visuals in Newsletter

Yeah, people would love to get a big idea in just few words or a picture. Everyone is busy in this world and so you really need to come up with something creative for your customer to stay at your blog. You can opt for picture emails in your newsletters. If your newsletter is to the point and too interesting, you might get more and more viewers for your blog.


So, the above are a few ways to make your email such that your customer would be willing to come to your blog. Also be sure to use a professional Email ID and do not have any funny email ID. Email marketing with SEO tools might just make it an amazing combo for viewers to click through to your blog and enhancing the quality of the blog.

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