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Facebook Update: Investing several months of effective testing, finally, Facebook’s desktop mode redesign is now official. Facebook made the announcement of desktop version redesign sometime last year. In the month of March 2020, Facebook added the option and allowed users to try out the new version. Also, it provided the facility for users to switch back to the original background along with leaving feedback on what made them do so.

This week, the Facebook update is official and until you get it by default when you open Facebook, you can manually change to Facebook dark mode setting. Further, we dive into the insight of how to enable Darkmode on Facebook there are many things you have to know.

What updates are likely to be released by Facebook?

For better user experience, Facebook is providing you a dark mode theme to save your eyes from high radiation through using the desktop.

Moreover, it is fastening the load times better than it is at present, also changing the appearance with a cleaner look and enlarged text when you intend to search anything over.

Facebook says that it did not notice the fall of desktop version while implementing more effect on the Facebook mobile app and Facebook Messenger.

Hence, after giving several thoughts and having discussions, Facebook planned to bring in the new dark mode feature into existence.

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The dark mode feature not only goes easy with your eyes but also ensures a better video watching experience. You also get an option to preview your content before you tend to publish. Facebook still requires users to provide feedback on this new feature so that it can tweak on changes and keep updating it for user benefit.

How the appearance of Facebook now looks after enabling the Dark mode feature?

The entire Facebook’s desktop version looks bubbly and amazing. Particularly, if you look at the videos, it is colorful and the options are clearer to view than in the white background. Your search on Facebook is now easy and you will like to spend more time than ever before. From now on, you get the excitement of watching videos on Facebook similar to high definition quality.

How to enable the new Dark mode feature on Facebook?

The dark mode feature is only for the desktop version of Facebook. Once you log in to Facebook, you can see a little arrow in the top right of your Facebook window. Press the arrow and in the drop-down menu, click Switch to New Facebook. After which you will be asked to enter the mode–Light or Dark theme. You can choose any one option of your choice.

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In case you want to choose Light and then switch over to Dark, then go to your Facebook Settings again where you can find a separate toggle to switch between Light and Dark. Although the steps seem to be quite simple, still it is new to many users to stay delighted and feel happy and thrilled for using the feature.

  1. How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode On iOS?

If you are an Apple gadget user then you have 4 methods to enable the dark mode on your favorite social media app Facebook. The first method is to wait until the official update from the app maker Facebook.

Many facing their FB app looks Grey Theme once they updated, if you are witnessing such Grey color theme on your FB app instead of full Dark Mode then you are needed to toggle the system setting into Dark Mode feature.

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The second method is to make use of the Smart Invert Accessibility Setting on your iOS gadget. This will enable dark mode by replacing all the white color into back color on your FB app. And the final method is to use a jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize your FB app into a dozen theme search for the dark mode and enjoy.

  1. How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode On Android?

If you are an android user then the below methods can help you to enjoy FB app in dark mode. The first one is to wait until the official update receives on your phone; the second one is the force-enable dark mode on your Android 10 or higher version. Alternatively, you can download and install the Facebook lite app that offers native dark mode without any hack or altering settings under the developer’s option.

In addition, android users can make use of Facebook Wrapper to experience their Social Media App FB in the dark mode. By using wrappers users can enjoy more features that are not officially done by the original app developers.

What other features you can find on Facebook Update along with the Dark mode feature?

The News Feed appears in a new skin layout on Home, leaving ample space on the left and right rails, along with larger icons and a menu bar that help you navigate easily to roll over to several other functionalities of the app.

Why Facebook’s attention has turned towards its desktop version?

Facebook identified that most of the users who were spending time on Facebook are now spending on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, etc. because of Facebook concentrating more on products and features related to privacy, which was a necessity initially.

But this time, it definitely catches the market pitch and surprises its users with many changes they did not even expect.

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Moreover, implementing the dark theme feature in Facebook’s mobile version is still on doubt of the case. But here and there it is been heard that Facebook is still on research and very soon, the dark mode feature will be made applicable in its mobile version also.

Till now you have been reading through the official statements released by Facebook on its new dark mode feature. To know more about Facebook’s Dark mode feature, visit its official website, and enjoy watching.

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In case any additional updates on this topic or new ones when released, we will keep you posted; so keep reading our posts regularly.