Facebook Update Allow you to Ask your Friend in Crises


Facebook has devised many methods to identify users in high-alert areas. One of the Facebook updates is looking at the geo-location data of users based on where people are accessing the Internet to ensure your safety in those areas. This update helps users to notify others of their safety. The initiation is a smaller part of Facebook to ensure communal safety or a particular neighborhood in the arms of crisis.

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As Facebook pushes up its frequency of initiating Safety Check out to people of affected regions, people are becoming more and more reliable on this new Facebook update since it keeps the notification up for the users in safe as well as in tight situations, especially in today’s date when disaster or terrorist attacks have taken their tolls. The new effort relies more on people who use Facebook rather than ordinary masses, talking about their situations in affected regions. New updates serve people to check-in as safe after an invitation has been sent.

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But there are still limitations in this new Facebook update in order to send a Safety Check request to someone, you have to be in the affected area. However, the move certainly acts a step up for Facebook who is leveraging the power of its network to get more conversations around these affected areas. Facebook needs more reliable measures to handle a wide range of population sizes with both accuracy and speed and ready for action if the need arises. Hope the best outcome.

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