How To Start Facebook Secret Conversation


Facebook has been one of the major social media platforms. However, you should also note that the conversations you have with your pals on Facebook are not safe from the prying eyes. That is exactly what necessitates the need for encrypted messages or Facebook Secret Conversation. Facebook has recently rolled out the encrypted messaging option in the form of Facebook Secret Conversations.

Do You Know?

Want to know how can you have secret conversations on Facebook? That is exactly what we will be covering today in this post.

Why do you need secret conversations?

Well, we will explain the features of the newly launched secret conversations feature on Facebook, but before that, let us understand the reasons for opting for a secret conversation in the first place.

As a Facebook Messenger user, you will definitely look for a way to have an end to end encrypted conversations or Facebook messenger secret conversations. And it has a strong reason behind it. Your online privacy can be at stake without the encryption. There is a constant threat to your privacy from online marketers, hackers and not to forget the government agencies that deal with intelligence.

So, as a means of protecting your online identity, you need an end to end encryption. This will ensure that your profile and the conversations will not be accessible to anyone be it the hackers, marketers, or government agencies. So much so that even Facebook itself will not have access to your messages.

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End to end encryption on Facebook

WhatsApp has recently been the largest end to end encrypted instant messaging service with its additional layers of security rolled out in the past few months. In tune with the trend, Facebook began rolling out the encryption feature for its users. As you already know that WhatsApp acquired by Facebook, so Facebook utilizes every possible security and features to shuffle in between these two platforms.

The roll-out being done in a phased manner has been completed. Over 900 million Facebook users have already been covered under the end to end encryption as of now. However, it would be interesting to note that the feature is not mandatory as in the case of WhatsApp.

The end to end encryption on Facebook and Facebook Messenger is developed as an opt-in. That means it depends on the users to choose whether they want to use the encryption feature or not.

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How to use the Secret Conversations feature on Facebook?

A secret conversation is what Facebook Messenger refers to the End to end encrypted messages as. Here is how you can access the secret conversations feature on your device.

  1. From Home, either tap on any random chat, or else tap in the top right
  2. Tap Go To Secret Conversation in the bottom
  3. If you want to set the timer then tap in the text box and set a timer to make the messages disappear as the timer stops

start the secret conversation

Start FB Secret Conversation On Your iPhone or iPad

  • Launch Facebook Messenger on your phone.
  • Tap on the PLUS icon on the Home
  • Tap on Secret at the top right.
  • Choose the recipient of your message.
  • Send the message.

Optionally, you can tap on the timer icon in the text box and configure it so that the message will disappear after the stipulated time.

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Start FB Secret Conversation On Your Android

  • Launch Facebook Messenger.
  • Start a conversation with the person with whom you want to have a secret
  • Tap on the options (:) You can locate it at the top right.
  • Tap on Secret Conversation.
  • Start your conversation in secret mode.

Here too, you have the option to set a timer to make the message disappear after a stipulated time.

So simple. You are done. Do remember that you will need to update your Facebook Messenger app to the latest version to be able to use the feature.

What does Secret Conversation support?

Please note that the secret conversation feature can not be used for some specific functions. Here is what you can send through a secret conversation.

  • Message
  • Stickers
  • Images

You will not be able to use it with or for

  • Group chats
  • Voice or video calls
  • Payments

How To Check If The Message Is Encrypted or Not

On Your iOS device

  • Launch the secret conversation you had with someone
  • Tap on their name
  • Tap on Secret Keys

On Your Android

  • Launch the secret conversation you had with someone.
  • Tap on the I icon at the top.
  • Tap on Secret Keys.

Is it safe?

Well, it is safe. As long as the recipient of your message does not share it with someone else. The messages will be completely encrypted between you and the recipient of the message.

If you think a secret conversation message you have received is in violation of any of the community rules, or by any means are not fit to be received, do not worry. Facebook has devised a means to report the same. Please note that the messages from the secret conversations you have reported will not remain encrypted. They will be decrypted and sent to the Help Team of Facebook. They will review it and let you know of the decision. The person with whom you are having a secret conversation will not come to know that the conversation has been reported.

The secret conversation feature used on Facebook bases itself on Signal which is an encryption protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems. It would be important to note that it is the same protocol used on instant messengers like Google Allo and WhatsApp.

How To Delete Facebook Secret Conversation?

Deleting an FB Secret conversation is not rocket science. You just need to follow the below-given steps and you will be able to delete all of your secret conversations. Let’s dig in it.

  • Go to Messanger and open profile. Have a look at the circle area in the screenshot.
  • Now Click on Secret Conversation.
  • Now Select Delete all Secret conversation. (A pop-up will be displayed there)
  • Tap on Delete and you are done.

delete secret conversations

In Conclusion

That is exactly how you can send secret conversations through Facebook. The end to end encryption provided by Open Whisper Systems is the best in its class. The self-destructive messages like on the Snapchat is another advantage.

Have you used the feature on your Messenger app? If yes, do share your experiences with it. Our readers will be benefitted by your views.


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