Facebook launches Messenger Rooms for video calls To Compete ZOOM


Here we go with another tech addition to Facebook Messenger with video calls. Video call on Facebook is not a new invention but adding new rooms for video chats is now available for Facebook fans. However, this feature was already introduced by ZOOM very recently. Still, it is a funda for users when introduced by Facebook. The best part is, you can add video chats up to 50 people at the same time. Similar to ZOOM you can invite your friends to join the video call, who even do not have a Facebook account. With ZOOM launching the feature prior to Facebook, might have definitely given them a thought that Facebook fans should never be disappointed. However, it was in the pipeline of Facebook’s plan to bring in the Facebook Messenger Rooms feature sometime later though.

Facebook Messenger Rooms are likely to be rolled out in some countries at first and then gradually in all countries. Facebook feature definitely creates happiness among its users to see and talk to all their friends and relatives simultaneously amid Covid19. Because this pandemic has pushed us to a condition where staying at home is the safest medicine from being attacked.

Features of Facebook Messenger Rooms

  • After you join a room through the Messenger app, you have a plethora of AR effects to play and enjoy throughout the call.
  • Also, it offers some impressive and splendid backgrounds. Also, mood lighting for you to express your current status even in the video call.
  • You can still maintain your privacy to decide whom to invite to the call and whom to join the call. Meanwhile, the creator of a room can see and remove someone from the call. Also lock the room if they do not like anyone else entering the room.
  • The room you create is open to Facebook members whom you add. Therefore, if you wish to leave in between, you can and others continue with the call.
  • The features available in the room are not encrypted. Technically there are challenges to provide encryption for video calling to a huge group of people. But the content that displays in the room is secured and encrypted between Facebook servers and the participants of the video call. Moreover, the video calling option is only available in countries that have strong rules placed and upon approval.

When Facebook Messenger Rooms will be available globally?

Though the list of countries that Facebook has planned to release its new Messenger Rooms features remains unrevealed. Before the end of April 2020, it is expected to be launched. Consequently, it is planned to be released very soon globally for the benefit of users. Facebook has conveyed in a press meet that it is working upon the encryption of features. Here a user creates and will soon find a solution for it. If we may wait for some time, globally everyone can avail and enjoy video calling on Facebook explicitly.