Evolution of Minecraft


Minecraft deserves to be called a legendary game. A lot of fans closely follow the updates of the game with its new features and items. Nowadays, Minecraft isn’t the same game as it was in 2009, the day of its release. Here, you can look through the main stages and events in the history of this famous game and find out more facts about the Minecraft versions, which fully changed the overall look of the game.

Evolution of MinecraftThe Very Beginning of the Legendary Game

2009 became the year of birth for Minecraft. The original name of this sandbox game was Cave Game, which is very far from Minecraft. It’s interesting to mention that this game became a true innovation among online games with the same genre. The players had not only to create different staff but also collect new resources for building the structures. Minecraft was an unusual mix because of rich gameplay, which united gathering resources, creating new structures, and surviving at the same time.

Minecraft underwent numerous changes before it became a game, which we know today. Various games are pretended to be the same popular as Minecraft. For instance, Hytale, which is an expected sandbox game mixed with the basics of a traditional role-playing game, is called a new Minecraft. Although Hytale Release Date is still unknown, thousands of fans are waiting for the release of this game developed in the best traditions of sandbox games, such as Minecraft, mixed with RPG and other novelties in gameplay. Will it become the most playable game that exceeds the success of Minecraft — we will see it right after the release.

Significant Updates

Various updates have changed the game’s overall look of Minecraft and made the gameplay rich and engaging for its players. Here you can find the most remarkable updates of the game that added numerous changes and features.

Evolution of Minecraft

Update 1.0.0

The first updates appeared in the game after the release of 1.0.0. It included several new changes and added features in the base of the game, like the health of the character. You can find more information about the gameplay in the Minecraft review and how the updates affected the overall game’s look.

Update 1.1

This update was known for language features as far as after this release, 21 new languages were available for the players. Also, three fictional languages were added to the gameplay. The spawn eggs for all current animals have appeared in Minecraft. As for update 1.2.1, it introduced mine shafts and dessert wells. The bottle o’ enchanting and the fire charge also became available after this release.

Version 1.3.1

This version of the game includes a lot of new features; it has much less many bugs, which had a positive effect on the gameplay of Minecraft. For instance, trading with villagers and a mode is known as adventure mode appeared in the game. Also, the devs added some new structures, including jungle temples and desert. Emeralds and villages in the desert were presented in this update as well.

Update 1.4.2

This version of the game was called “The Scare Update”; it’s also known for introducing various changes and features. The wither, who is the second boss in the game, appeared in Minecraft. A lot of new things were also added; carrots, potatoes, anvil, carrots, pumpkin pie, flower pots, and item frames — all these became available for the players in version 1.4.2 of the game. Finally, several scary things, such as witch, bat, and wither skeletons, were introduced to make the game more engaging and spectacular.

Update 1.6

The Horse Update, which is version 1.6, is famous for adding three mobs, including the mule, the horse, and the donkey. Besides, pet-related items, such as name tags, horse armor, and lead, became available in the game. The end credits and the splash texts were also the updated features. So, the players could enjoy a variety of new items added to Minecraft.

The 1.7 Update

“The Update that Changed the World” is the epic name for this legendary version of the game that changed a lot in Minecraft. 16 colors of stained glass and glass panes were added, which increased the game’s variety of structures. Also, such updates as biomes (deep ocean, mega taiga, extreme hills, flower forest, birch, and roofed forest, sunflower plains, and savanna), types of trees, and new flowers have fully changed the overall appearance of the game, as well as made the world of Minecraft more rich and lively. Finally, numerous items also appeared in the game. All these updated features have definitely meant a new beginning for Minecraft.

The Era of Microsoft

2014 became the new era in the history of Minecraft — Microsoft bought the game from Marcus Person. Many fans were worried about this news, as far as it could mean that Minecraft and its uniqueness would be ruined. Nevertheless, Microsoft has not only improved the game but also introduced several updates and added features, which were pleasantly perceived by the players. In the Minecraft review, there are some more interesting facts about this stage in the constant improvement of Minecraft. During the Microsoft age, numerous updates have fully changed and upgraded the overall appearance of Minecraft because of the auto jump feature, a variety of added color, mobs, and items.

Hytale is the New Generation of Minecraft?

Evolution of MinecraftMany fans who are waiting for the release of Hytale are sure that it will be a legendary game that will unite the best traditions of Minecraft with the basics of RPG. Nowadays, it’s one of the most ambitious projects with hundreds of fans even before the final release of the game. The block-building design is the primary feature, which makes the fans compare Minecraft and Hytale. Otherwise, the anticipated game by Hypixel studio is going to become something brand new due to a blend of several genres in one, a creative regime with numerous features, and an adventure mode, which is specific for the ability to explore the world full of various zones.


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