The 9 Essential Types of Technology You Should


In a world filled with new technology around every corner, it’s hard to know what you need and what you can pass on. Investing in every new development isn’t practical or possible for most wallets.

So you need to know which types of technology are vital for making life easier and getting connected with your community, and which are digital duds. Check out these 9 types of tech, which are imperative to a modern lifestyle.

Virtual Reality

VR goggles keep improving, with a lighter apparatus and a better interface. This makes the gear more comfortable to wear and easier to move in.

The uses for a system like this keep growing, too. You can tour museums across the world from your own living room or even archaeological digs. There are workout options so you feel like you’re outside of the dingy basement and running along a mountain path.

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Soon you may even be able to get court-side seats at the biggest basketball game in the country, yet watching from your home. A good pair of VR goggles is an investment worth having for your life because the industry is about to explode.

3D Printer

If scientists can print a 3D model of your exact sinuses to practice before conducting the real surgery, what can’t you print at home? From science projects for kids in school to more practical applications like home decor and useful tools, the possibilities are endless. Invest in a 3D printer and learn how to use it, and you won’t be sorry.

Good Wireless Headphones

While you may think you’ll lose one while you’re running, they actually stay in your ears pretty well. Everyone needs a good pair of wireless headphones, not only to avoid getting tangled in the cords but also to be able to use your phone while it’s charging. Explore models and options when you read more here.

Wireless Charger

Speaking of wireless, charging may be an issue if you also want to use the charging port for plugging in a device, depending on the ports your smartphone or tablet offers. As long as your device is capable of wireless charging, you should be able to get a wireless charger, and the convenience is worth it.

You’ll want to think about spending a little more for one of these, as the cheap ones tend to charge slower and wear out faster than the quality models.

Tablet Stand

If you like to cook and find yourself using recipes from Pinterest and other websites, a tablet stand is essential. Even if you don’t have a tablet, you can use this for your phone. No matter what you have on your screen, a recipe or research, sometimes standing it up so you can see it hands-free is vital to your project, and a tablet stand can help you achieve that goal with minimal expense.

Backup Drive

Backing up your files used to be difficult and time-consuming. The more you accumulate, the longer the data transfer took, not to mention the expense of larger and larger drives.

Today, though, you can find a terabyte drive or even larger for less than $100, and the backup process is easy to automate so you never have to worry about it. In the digital age, you can’t afford to back up your files (especially if you’re dealing in cryptocurrency and other sensitive financial information).

Security System

It’s important to keep your home and your family safe. Many options are available, so you have a lot of choices, but a technologically up-to-date system is vital. Access the system’s records, cameras, and information from your cell phone, no matter where you are.

If you’re worried about what your kids are up to, or some shady people who’ve been spotted in the neighborhood lately, this is the way to go. Putting up a sign to let people know you have a system can even cut down on the number of Amazon packages that get stolen from your doorstep.

Health Tracker

Long ago, thin and fit people were seen as the lowest class because it meant they worked hard with their hands and in the fields. Stouter people obviously sat around more and didn’t exercise as much, so everyone knew they were rich and could afford to hire laborers.

Today, thanks to the digital tech innovations listed here, people’s jobs don’t require movement, so fitness has to be intentional. That’s where health tracker bracelets come in handy, with their vibrating reminders and automated fitness records.

Whether you choose something only dedicated to fitness, or with more features like a smartwatch, you definitely need a piece of tech to keep track of how active you are and your health stats.

Smart Home Hub

Alexa (or Siri, whoever your digital assistant is) can sing to you and play games with the kids. That alone is worth the investment. But you can do so much more with it than entertain. Play music, order goods online, do research and even drop in to listen to what’s going on in the home from a remote location.

Having a hands-free way to interact with technology means you can multi-task in a whole new way. From reading morning news headlines to getting you ready for bed or for work, a digital assistant is worth the investment.

The Best Types of Technology for Living a Convenient Life 

VR goggles, phone and tablet accessories, special chargers, and other types of technology fill the world with new ways to do things and easier methods. Choosing the right ones for your life doesn’t have to be hard when you check out these top 9 must-have devices.

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If something is going to help you instead of making life more complicated, you need it to be easy to learn and easy to use, as well as better than whatever you’re currently using. These tech options all meet those criteria, so give them a whirl.

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