7 Essential Business Technologies


Once a business opens and can start its operations, its business leaders or owners will have to decide what sorts of technology will be necessary for it to run in its most-efficient form. Each business will have its own unique technology needs, so the business owners must be prudent, far-thinking and logical in their technology selections.

7 Essential Business Technologies

Here are seven basic technology necessities that practically all businesses need to operate smoothly

Communication technology


Giving employees access to business computers is a necessity in many industries. Employees can accomplish many more tasks and with greater efficiency when provided with computers. With newer-generation computers, employees can track finances, provide effective customer support and use many cloud-based services that would be inaccessible without them.

High-Speed Internet

Every business and its services today must have access to the Internet. What is new is the realization that every business must also have reliable, fast internet connections to run many online business operations. There are now many online services and resources that will be inaccessible or inoperable with a 56k, dial-up connection, such as standard cloud computing. Investing in better Internet connection speeds or a more reliable service provider will certainly prove its value with greater production and service capabilities.


Having a company website is another business necessity these days. It’s a virtual representation of a company’s brand. For some companies, the website is their brand, as they may only provide online products, subscriptions, offers or services. For other companies, their website will often become the first impression that many potential customers may have of their business and how they present themselves. A simple website is a good start, but it is a good idea to spend some time and resources on it.

This investment ensures that the website matches the company’s brand, can be navigated easily and will helpfully inform visitors and potential customers about the company’s products and services.


Email is a vital part of running many businesses’ communications internally and with customers and suppliers as smoothly as possible. It is best to set up business email accounts that mention the business’ name, rather than using free email services that anyone can sign up for. Business email accounts often offer additional features and enhanced security when compared to regular email accounts.

Conference Call Technology

Conference calls are necessary for keeping copies of very important business conversations and decisions. A conference call recording can be accomplished by the mere click of a button through most services. Nowadays, many conference call recording services also provide automatic transcriptions with artificial intelligence (AI). Recorded conference calls can also be accessed from a call summary dashboard.

Technology Consultant

As technology advances and grows more complicated, it is necessary to work with a technology expert to give the business some well-reasoned and researched suggestions. A business owner should get a sense of what their business needs, both now and in the future. That way, the business owner can discuss various technology and digital service options with a technology consultant that will provide many years of reliable and effective service.

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Some technology consultants may only repair the technology as necessary, but others can be hired through an IT managed service subscription, working with a company monthly on its technology needs.

Data Security

The company’s data security is a paramount concern. Company data should be backed up, and the company’s network and software should be protected through anti-virus software and a good firewall. It’s also advisable to have a recovery plan if a data or network emergency strikes. Data security requires technical strategizing and forethought.

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Failing to secure company data could mean that it becomes lost, exploited or destroyed. Lost data causes lost business and probably even federal investigations. These outcomes could be troubling, costly issues for any business to suffer from.


Once a business is running, it can be difficult to pinpoint what sorts of technology are required for its operations. This list provides essential technology products and services that every business needs to handle orders, retain and grow their customer base, and generate revenue.